Monday, January 14, 2019

PARKIE PROJECT - Ed Krysanowski

Usually when I make the trek down to the monthly local card show, it is done with the goal of catching up with some fellow hobbyists, mild window shopping and maybe a spur-of-the-moment pickup.  Occasionally I come home with an item or two that can help scratch off a couple wantlist lines.  This past weekend though, I got to check out some fun goodies.

New guy set up at the show and he had a whole bunch of 80's and 90's singles.  Monster box upon monster box.  It looked as if he took his childhood and plunked it on a table hoping to profit from a few sales.  He also had a showcase with a few higher-end items and that's where I saw a row of Parkies.

Ungraded......and just in the condition that I'm looking for.

They weren't marked so I inquired about the prices.  He made it sound like he didn't even really want to sell them.  Just a quick heads up....if you put it out on the table, prepare to sell it.

I asked to check them out.  At very least I could take a closer look at some of the pieces of cardboard.  There was a Meeker (got it), a Broda (got it) and a Boom Boom (need it) but the Geoffrion wasn't going to come home with me today.  I did notice that he had two copies of a card and so I took a stab at it.

A quick back and forth and it was a relatively easy sale.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#33 Ed Krysanowski

Yes, he's a common......but you need all the cards to complete the set.  I think this is a real solid addition to the collection.  Decent entering, nicer corners than a few of the others he's about to join and the back is real nice and clean.  No creases so I'm a happy camper.

So what do we know about Ed?

Nicknamed 'Sonny", he was a stay-at-home defenceman who never really made a huge impact on the ice (237 games played, 37 points) and was a year away from his final skate on NHL ice.  He was probably best known as the captain for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues men's team in 1946 and '47 and was referred to by his teammates as "the best player on the ice".  He was inducted to their Hall of Fame in 2006, shortly before he passed away.

It's a card like this that really shows just how cool a set like this is.  Krysanowski would likely be lost in the shuffle in today's hobby card world (heck, he might not even be high enough on the depth chart to garner a card) but in this iconic Parkie set.....he gets to sit alongside some of the absolute greats in the game.

Totally worth it.

It's a great start to the Parkie Project this year.  I have a good feeling I'll be adding another card sooner than later.  These pieces look great in person.

Current Collection - 20 cards

Sunday, January 13, 2019

WALLET CARD - I've Finally Fixed The Washing Machine (Incident)

I've said it a few's amazing how fast time flies.  It's been almost four years now since my disastrous #WalletCard incident that left my favourite '76 Topps Traded piece of cardboard on the verge of completely falling apart.

Accidentally leaving the wallet  in your pants as they go into the wash is something that (I hope) won't happen again.  I'd hate to see this scary sight a second time...


I still have the card though.  Taped up and safely in the wallet.  After all, it was a gift from a collector, blogger and just a good person and it's a constant reminder of getting out there and doing good things.

That said.....I knew I'd need a new #WalletCard for the collection....and maybe even one for the wallet.

So I was gobsmacked when I saw a simple Twitter post selling not one, but two Oscar Gamble cards.

The price?  Two bucks - shipped....and he was sending from the States!! (albeit in a plain white envelope....which I was more than OK with).

A little added aside to the story...he forgot to ship the card initially and felt bad.  It had only been about a week or two and I chalked it up to the holiday season.  Nonetheless he insisted on refunding me my money - and then still shipped said cards!!

They showed up last week and I couldn't help but shake my head.  What a perfect pair of permed hair.  And it just works great as the one that has a slight ding on the side can now go straight into the wallet while the other (solid) offering can go into the player collection.  Two 'fros, one stone.

So a big thanks to OAC Cards Sales on Twitter for the great sale - and the kind gesture of basically giving me two Oscar Gamble cards.


Oh.....and if you think I'm retiring the damaged copy......not on your life!!  It's two Oscars in the wallet now.  And a heck of a story.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Actually, It's The Top Card From 2018

So, my lack of blogging in 2018 cost me sharing one of my top Linden pickups of the year.  So I thought I'd take a moment to show the #1 Trevor Linden acquisition of the past year.

It was the big show here in town (a once-a-year affair) and I always make a point of going - who doesn't love a card show.  I spent a good chunk of time checking out each table, seeing if they had anything Linden related.  Most know they keep stuff aside.  But I didn't find anything on my initial runthrough.

So I spent some time talking to the new vendors who set up for the first time at this show.  One person asked what I collect and I said "Trevor Linden.....die hard collector here".  He said that he had something for me and proceeded to drag out the biggest Rubbermaid container I have ever seen from under his table.

He was scrounging through various boxes and I started to think "What is this guy gonna pull out?"  Most times when a person says they have a Linden card, it ends up being a mid-range or low-end insert that really doesn't add up to much - especially since I've got most of those.

After a few minutes he says "You won't be disappointed."  Huh....either the means he has not sense of what Linden cards are out there, or he has a hidden gem.

He finally located the card and I could tell right away that it was a Mega Patch design.  I was pretty pumped.  But then he placed it on the table and my eyes grew tenfold.

2014/15 Upper Deck Premier
Mega Patch
#PMP-TL Shoulder Logo 1/3

This is no ordinary Mega Patch coming from the crest of the jersey.  This is a rare shoulder patch that I've not seen surface to date.

I tried my best to play it cool and asked what the price tag on it was.  He said he had never considered it until just right now.  He asked me to make an offer and after a couple moments I fired out a fair bid.  He said yes and I ran to the bank machine.

This was a terrific find - and I'm thrilled to land another in the world of Mega Patches.

I'm not holding outhouse of landing either of the other ones.  They've both surfaced and are out of my price range.  But I can do this....

...and honestly, that's good enough for me.

From a Trevor Linden standpoint, he only surfaced in six products during the 2017/18 season which didn't grow the checklist too much.  Maybe that's a sign that I'll be catching up on things as we move forward.  Not that I don't mind seeing him in new products, but I'd like to see the volume of his cards go down.  There is just too much stuff of his out there.  I can only imagine what it must be like for a player collector of say Martin Brodeur - or Wayne Gretzky.  Ouch.

T'was a good collecting year in 2018 for me and I hope that the new year brings me equally exciting cards.....and locally too.  I still can't believe I found this one at a show.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


I was excited to spend some time during my holiday break tidying up my office desk, putting some cards in their proper spot, double checking the checklists (yes...I actually enjoy that) and just seeing where I'm at in my hobby journey - and what I'd like to accomplish (or focus on in the new year).

One of the things that caught my eye (and I had completely forgotten about it) was that I had picked up a Bill Gadsby for my 51/52 Parkhurst project - but it was slabbed (PSA 2).

I say "was".......

1951/52 Parkhurst
#37 Bill Gadsby

I know this might not be the popular thing to do, but I'm building an ungraded set.  Having 104 cards in toploaders and this Gadsby in the slab would just be.....well, wrong in my eyes.  So I cracked it from the case.

And I couldn't be happier.  I think the card looks even more stunning now that it is free from the protective glass.

This copy sits perfectly with what I'm trying to do.  A solid looking piece of cardboard with a pretty easy price tag.  That;s the name of the game.

So where does this place me on my journey to completion?  I'm now 19 cards in.  The total cost of said cards.....$340cdn.  That's less than twenty bucks card.  To be honest, I don't know if that's good or bad, I'm just happy that this venture has been fun to chase - and easy on the wallet.

Let's see how many more I track down this year.

Current Collection - 19 cards

Sunday, January 6, 2019

HHOF AUTOS - Well Hello Old Friend

Ha ha ha.  I absolutely can't believe we have turned the calendar and are now firmly into the 2019 campaign.  Boy how time flies.

I hope everyone who still has hung on to this blog is doing well.  I've been busy with a bunch of projects on the go.  Suffice to say that my hobby activities have been more passive in 2018 - but that doesn't mean I've abandoned the hobby.

I still do my daily (hourly) eBay searches - but I just haven't picked up nearly the volume of cards I have in the past.  I love to pop into the hobby chat world for a bit and still find Hobby Insider a great place to visit.  The other sites have fallen a bit by the wayside, but that doesn't mean I don't like 'em.

I try to go to as many of the local monthly shows as I can and head out to the trade nights when my schedule allows.  I am a very lucky person that I have not only shows, but trade nights that I can attend in person - being able to physically go somewhere to get my hobby fix is a real blessing.

My wallet didn't get the workout it has in previous years (my bank account thanks me for that) but it doesn't mean I didn't pick up some great items.

And lastly, I can say with 100% certainty that I love this hobby as much as ever, I feel really comfortable with where things sit in my collecting world and I can't wait to see what the new year will bring.

And with that.....let me share what 2019 has already brought.


Brett Hull
(Inducted in 2009)

Boy do I ever like these ol' Sign Of The Times sets.  Really pumped to get a player like Hull who just identifies perfectly with this era of card collecting.

Guy Lafleur
(Inducted in 1988)

That hair!!  Great memories.  These Epic Signatures cards are beautiful to boot.  Great real estate for a solid sig.

Vladislav Tretiak
(Inducted in 1989)

Another fantastic auto set from back in the day.  The Inkredible cards from UD Retro again leave a great open space for a beefy signature.  And if you haven't seen the checklist for this set, do some homework - stunning.

To get a player like Tretiak in a set like this is a perfect fit for my project.

Mario Lemieux
(Inducted in 1997)

This was a really exciting one to add.  I absolutely love this card design....and it's shiny.  Yes, if you look closely you'll notice that the autograph isn't as strong as maybe it could be.  But I don't blame Mario for's the guy in charge of the pen he used.  It's not a faded sig, it's just not the right pen type for that card surface.

Regardless, I think it's a beauty.

Gordie Howe
(Inducted in 1972)

This is probably the biggest card in the collection to date - and it is amazing to see in person.  A really solid autograph (with the Mr. Hockey designation) that was an earlier offering in the signature world.

Now I must confess - I cheated a bit to add this card to the collection.  See.....for those that know about the project, I have to trade for the cards that get added to the collection but I have to say that I did purchase this one.  However.....I did sell a number of cards earlier in the evening that pretty much covered the cost of this Howe.  So - it counts.

They're my rules anyways.  So there.  :)

When I started this project, I had the goal of hitting 100 cards via trade.  With these five new adds, I'm up to 78 - and I can definitely see the end goal in sight.  There are still a number of "easier" autos to be had.  I have a feeling that this goal will be revised at some point.

Anyways, I hope that this is just the start of what will be another fun and exciting hobby year.  I do hope to blog a little more (EIGHT POSTS IN 2018??!!!) and I hope you'll check out my new pickups on occassion.

All the best to you and yours in 2019!

Current Collection - 78 HOF Autos