Tuesday, July 26, 2022

PARKIE PROJECT - Pulled The Trigger

My Parkie Project has been slow...as expected. But I feel as though the past couple of years might have slowed me down too much.

Card prices have gone up...especially the vintage variety, and I was always hoping to build this collection on a budget.

Still, for an iconic set, there really is no downside to what these cards can bring.

The last time I added to my PC, it was a trip to BC late last year. I decided that the opportunity was there to snag a couple items and even though the price was a little higher than I had hoped, it was a good time to buy.

Same holds true for my most recent purchase.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#36 Clare "Rags" Raglan

Once again, this is his rookie card (most of the cards from this set are) and has a nice action shot of Raglan in his Chicago uni.  Take a moment to enjoy those gloves...skates...straight stick...empty boards...sweater.

Clare Raglan played just 100 games in the National Hockey League over 3 seasons (two with Chicago and one with Detroit). He was a depth defenceman and earned the nickname "Rags" when he found himself monitoring the same blueline as another teammate named Clarence. I guess it was a more common name back then. He also is the father of NHLer Herb Raglan (who played in the late-80s/early-90s).

The first thing you might notice (I know I did) was the off-centering that this card has. This set build isn't a high-ender...but I want aesthetically pleasing cards. Rounded corners...no problem. Clean backs are a must (no rips, tears or pen marks). Creases at a minimum (would prefer none). And a nicely centred card.


So why did I snag this one?

I don't see these cards at shows or stores as often as I used to. The store I bought this from is one that I trust and want to support.

But honestly...I just wanted to buy a card.  Ha ha.

Maybe if I had purchased a few cards recently, or picked up a couple other Parkies in the past few months, I would have passed. But the excitement and enthusiasm for adding to the PC was strong.

So do I regret the pickup?

No...not a chance. These are hard cards to find and at the rate I'm going, I may never finish this set. To put me one closer to completion is always a good thing. Would I have liked to have picked up the card for slightly less (this is one of the top 3 most expensive cards in my Parkie collection to date)? Absolutely...who wouldn't. But again, to support my LCS made it worth it. If this card was on a table at a show...I'd have likely passed on it.

This card now proudly sits in my collection...and has story. Nothing wrong with that.

Current Collection - 26 cards

Sunday, July 24, 2022

WALLET CARD - Oddball Concert

Continuing my "cardboard cleanup" this weekend by showcasing some really fun 'Wallet Card' pickups.

I've had my eye one these for years and finally decided they needed to be a part of my collection.

For those who don't know, my Oscar Gamble collection is without a doubt my most fun PC. It's inexpensive (in relation to my other endeavours), the cards are right in that perfect balance of vintage vs. current, there's tough chases and always enjoyable photography. What's not to like.

These items fire on all cylinders.

1999 Phish Concert Backstage Passes x3

I mean, c'mon...these are absolutely must-haves in any Oscar Gamble collection...no?

Slightly oversized, these are printed on cloth and appear unused (that said, I don't know my backstage passes that well).

I've had them on my ebay watchlist for years...the seller has hundreds of backstage passes for sale (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing). But the time was now to strike.

1999 Phish Backstage Pass
#NN Green

I don't know what more to say...other than "look at it".  Ha ha.

Obviously, the iconic 1976 Topps Traded baseball card makes an ideal backstage pass image. I love that they didn't take too many liberties with the design (really, just the wording on the newspaper headline).

These look to be in perfect condition. No heavy use or creases.

And for them to be unpeeled is an added bonus. Actually, it was a must-have in my eyes. I don't think I would have snagged them if they were "used".

1999 Phish Backstage Pass
#NN Orange

I'm not sure why the three colours. Maybe they were thinking "Hey, I bet there's a guy who loves our band and would like to collect these passes". Close...I like the baseball player.

But to have the three of these, all from the same seller and having like identifiers, that's appealing to me.

How do you say....oddly satisfying.

1999 Phish Backstage Pass
#NN Blue

Now I mentioned that I have had these on my radar for years. While I didn't always have them in my ebay watchlist, I knew they existed. When I finally decided that now was the time, I could have sworn that I had seen a red copy at one time. I couldn't find a copy of one when scouring the internets - so now I'm unsure.

But that will have me keeping a lookout...maybe it's a shortprint. :)

Regardless, I love the fact that I have added some quality items to the 'Wallet Card' collection...once again.

Never a dull moment.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Select Emerald... and a Gift

Greetings! It's been a busy couple of months but I have finally landed an actual weekend off (two full days with no work on the plate). I wanted to ease into my Saturday so I decided to sort through some cards...always relaxing and fun.

While my pickups this year have been few and far between, I'm still very active in hunting and collecting information on my various PCs. I've learned of some exciting new autograph Linden cards in SP Authentic and have some exciting new additions to my 'Wallet Card' collection - so stay tuned.

Today, I'll share a pair of Trevor Linden cards from a fellow Linden collector. 

I've seen him post a few Trev's on ebay over the years...most of them I already have, and I've also reached out to him previously to ask about any opportunities. He's always been top-notch in helping me out. A couple times I've held off on buying a card...deciding to reach out to him to ask about a bundle, only to have the card get snagged by an opportunistic collector.

I've learned my lesson...ha ha.

So when this card showed up, I didn't hesitate. I hit the Buy It Now.

2013/14 Panini Select
#178 Emerald  /25

This is an exciting card to land. Make no mistake, the photo does not do this piece justice. It's a card that has eluded me for almost a decade. Cards numbered to 25 from back then don't pop up often.

This is an item that finishes off the Select rainbow from that year (minus the 1/1...though I know where it lives). I really pay attention to card from 7-12 years ago that I do not yet have. They are rare birds in my eyes and I find that they have a lot more desirability in the current landscape of the hobby - especially shiny, coloured cards.

After I pulled the trigger, I e-mailed him, excited about what I had purchased, but also to see if he had any other items that I could add to my shipment. He asked for an updated wantlist and shared his with me. I always enjoy getting some knowledge on what others are seeking. Makes me go eagle-eye when I go to card shows.

He let me know that there was another card he had that I needed and tossed it (gently...and with protection) into the bubble envelope with the Emerald.

2020/21 Upper Deck Black Diamond
#SB-TL Silver On Black Signatures  /100

This is a sah-weet looking card. I love the way Black Diamond cards just provide so much in aesthetics, yet present a clean, polished look.

I've had a couple copies of this one on my radar, but the price wasn't quite right. To have this as a gift in addition to my purchase was just very much appreciated.

Thanks very much, Elliot for your kind gesture and continued friendship in this hobby. It's people like you that make hockey card collecting fun and an enjoyable passion for me.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - A Meaningful Addition To The List

Happy Summer everyone.

It's been a while as I've been working hard - on a number of fronts, but I've been steadily keeping tabs on what is out there in my collecting world and...on occasion, picking up a piece for the PC.

I thought I'd share this specific card as it has some unique meaning to me.

1992/93 Bowman
#210 All-Star

This is not the card...but I need to set things up first.

We are going way back to probably the first year or so of my Linden collecting chase. I had started my quest through a spur-of-the-moment base card dig and quickly had 50-75 cards in my PC. I had done some homework and realized that there were a few hundred Lindens out there. So, I did what any ambitious hobbyist would do - I made a list.

My Trevor Linden Master List was born. At first, it was nothing more than pulling the player checklist out of the Beckett Annual (and using the Charlton guide to assist), creating a word document and printing it out.

I won't lie, it was pretty fun to build on the list - and then highlight the cards once I picked them up for my collection. There's something about having that document...it makes my player collection feel more in check. 

Over the years, I have modified the list, created new columns as I've layered in new details, transferred it over to excel (and now the silly 'numbers' app that Mac uses) and looking at it even today, feel proud of what I've built.

I've pulled from a number of resources over the years to build as complete a list as possible. The aforementioned Beckett and Charlton guides, other Linden collector checklists (thank you Kevin for really helping me expand the list), Sport Card Forum, tradingcarddb, Beckett online, even going to card company websites (like ITG and Leaf). I would also use the hobby news and discussions to help forge the tougher pieces of information (like promo cards, serial numbering and if cards were ever released).

Lastly, I'd use my own two eyes and some common sense. If I see it, it exists...and then I decide if it goes on my list.

That takes me to my recent pickup.

When I first started my Linden PC, it was simple pickups. Base cards, inserts, parallels. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I vividly remember the time I checked ebay and saw an error card that had me intrigued. The piece of cardboard wasn't on my master list...so naturally, I was trying to figure out what I was seeing.

Before I could even start my quest for information, the card was gone.

For a few years, I had this error card on my wantlist. I was sure I'd see another copy pop up. And then after a couple years I decided to pull it off the list - not enough information (and...it just looked weird seeing an oddball card like that not highlighted on my list).

Fast forward to a couple months ago...

The card popped up. First time in all these years I've seen it.

And I jumped on it.

1992/93 Bowman
#210 All-Star ERROR no foil

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. All the memories of this card and how it was on my wantlist for so long just came flooding back. I knew I had to have this card.

I still know nothing of this card...ifit was a genuine printing error, if it was a test print, or if someone just has a spiffy printer and made it at home (I don't believe that...it does not look homemade).

Regardless, I had a smile on my face as I inserted a new row on the master checklist and added this one in - especially when I highlighted it as one I have in my PC.

As I put the card in its appropriate card box, I couldn't help but sift through some of the other early Linden offerings, flipping through some of the cards that were the first ones I bought for my Linden collection all those years ago.

It really reinforced to me how much I enjoy the collecting journey, seeing the list evolve and grow, chasing the elusive cards that I need and crossing them off when I finally get my hands on them.

It might not happen as much as it did a decade ago, but the thrill is 1000% there. I think it will always be.

Saturday, April 2, 2022


Big card show day in the city today and I was excited to find some time in my hectic schedule to head on down to see if I could find any treasures. 

I absolutely love card shows. There's something special about seeing the cards in person, talking shop with the vendors and other collectors and scouring through monster boxes looking to unearth that one card that'll make your day. I've been supporting the shows here in town for over 25 years and will continue to do so. It's an important part of the hobby for me.

While I didn't track down any new Linden cards, I did have a great conversation with another player collector who mentioned a card I've not thought about in a long time.

He said he had seen a post on Instagram about a set of caricature cards that had stumped him for info. I knew the exact card he was talking about. When he showed me the photo, I told him that I had indeed found myself a copy of the card years ago.

So here it is....

1991/92 Front Row
#5 Promo

I can still remember seeing this card on the shelf at Collector's Paradise and thinking to myself "What in the world is this card?". By this point in my Linden collecting, I had a pretty good bead on what was out there - or so I thought. I had never seen this card, heard about this brand or noticed it on any checklists or catalogs.

I've learned since that this is a prototype card that was developed with the plans to build an entire set. For some reason, that never came to fruition. But these promo cards did find their way into the market.

Again, I had never seen one before...yet this shop had two of them - and graded at that.

I snagged the one without hesitation. In hindsight, I should have grabbed them both (I've never seen another copy of one since).

When I checked out the IG post this afternoon, it showed the backs of all 7 cards that were made (Gretzky, Lemieux, Hull, Yzerman, Linden, Belfour and Lindros). Pretty good company for my guy if I do say so. The interesting thing is that the Lindros card has his caricature in a Nordiques jersey. In the comments, people were asking to see the front...so here it is...

There's nothing radically amazing about the card. I like the action shot photo that was used and think it was a clean design for the time (remember, this was when sets like Score, Pro Set, etc. were the rage...cards were booming).

What I really do like about this card is that it takes me back to a very vivid place and time in my collecting - even now. That's a special card in my opinion.

One neat thing I learned about this promo set...apparently the drawings were done by Todd MacFarlane (yes...THAT Todd MacFarlane). I couldn't find any info to confirm it, but if true, would be yet another cool aspect of this card.

So while I didn't pick up any new Linden pieces at the show today, I did end up with a fun post and a great memory.

Monday, March 7, 2022

OPINION - Trevor Linden Digital Cards (Part 2)

It's been three years since I posted my thoughts on Trevor Linden digital cards. At the time, my investment into the Topps Skate! app was minimal. A lot has changed over the three years.

I am now checking the app almost daily. Ripping my complimentary virtual pack, collecting my coins and using those coins to open packs from all sorts of products, and yes...hunting down Linden cards.

To date, he has 18 unique digital cards and I have landed 12 of them. And what can I say...I've loved the chase. Finding a Linden in a pack I open, trading with others on the app...it's pretty much all there.

But his most recent cards have me slightly bummed.

2021/22 Topps Skate!
Triple Threads Series 2 Alumni Relic

Let's just start by saying that this is a BEAUTIFUL card. I've said it before, but what I wouldn't give to hold a physical copy of this one. Dynamite.

But this card is pretty much impossible to land if you are only enjoying the app for free.

This was the "award" card if you managed to complete the alumni relic set (10 cards)...and they were super rare to come by - literally.

Cards on the Topps Skate app are ranked into various classes.  There's base (and their various tiers), common, uncommon, rare, super rare, iconic and legendary. The latter on the list are cards you might come across once a year if you open packs regularly for free on the app.

This Linden card is in the super rare category. I opened dozens of packs and didn't hit a single one of these alumni cards. To land all 10 needed to acquire the Linden wasn't going to happen.

Unfortunate, but it's not the first time I've found a Linden card that I'll never own.

2021/22 Topps Skate!
Triple Threads Series 2 Alumni Relic Green

Here's the green parallel...found in the iconic category. I wish they'd have used a different design on the patch - but maybe I'm just picky.

If the super rare was next to impossible, now multiply that by about 100. 

Interesting thing about this one though is that in the packs that I did open, I hit an iconic alumni patch. Martin St. Louis. I thought maybe there was a sliver of hope in trading for the Linden.

Nope. Because the Linden is an award card, you can't trade for them.

Unfortunate (again), but did I mention that there are cards out there that I'll never own.  :)

2021/22 Topps Skate!
Triple Threads Series 2 Alumni Relic Red

Oh, and just to kick a guy when he's down...here's the legendary red version. 

It's an undeniably awesome card. I almost said "piece of cardboard"...but therein lays the catch that I have to remind myself of - these are just digital images. They don't tangibly exist.

I've seen some digital Linden cards sell for a fair penny on eBay of late. I am not there at all right now.

But talk to me in another three years.  Who knows.

Saturday, March 5, 2022


Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. It's been a busy last few weeks and haven't had much time to devote to my hockey cards, but some recent activity on my eBay timeline had me add some spring to my step.

While I might not be picking up cards at the pace I used to a decade ago, I still check eBay multiple times a day. Often, I find cards that are either overpriced (in my opinion) or new items that are still in that initial wave of frenzy. Recently, there hasn't been much excitement in the new listings at all (same old stuff showing up). That is until about a week and a half ago.

Trev has found his way into the new OPC product with a manufactured patch trophy card - I was very surprised to see it...and am looking forward to picking that one up soon (hopefully at a local show this spring). But the card that really had me going was this one...

2022 Upper Deck
#CAN-13 National Hockey Card Day
Hockey Heroes

I was legitimately confused when I first saw all the postings selling NHCD sets. Never in a million years did I expect him to make it on the checklist...but here we are.

And I am THRILLED. I couldn't wait to pick up a copy. I would've loved to have opened it up in a pack...but that wasn't to be. Thankfully, my local shop kept a copy aside for me and I picked it up a couple days ago.

This card has me just as excited as any other card I have picked up in the past 6 months...maybe even more excited. It really reinforces just how much I love collecting Linden cards.

It's a cool card design, inserted into a product that thousands of people (a lot of kids) opened last weekend. Most probably were happy to see it only to finish their set, but I hope there were a few that actually took a moment to look into who he was as a player.

Very, very pumped to add this one to the collection.