Sunday, October 18, 2009


While sifting through singles at the card show today, I came across one that really caught my eye.

First, I would just like to say that I am a big fan of the Upper Deck Masterpiece cards that were released last year. They are a gorgeous looking set with a canvas feel and a painting instead of a photo used. Very sharp.

Second, it's Lanny hoisting the cup! I much prefer this one to the shot of Lanny and the two guys in their underwear. Not so nice.

Anyways, I read a recent comment on the Mark Messier cup raising card in the Pinnacle One Sheet, One Set column. It was something that was on my mind when I was at the show today.

Surprisingly, I found a few cards that showed Lord Stanley's Cup being raised. It may become a little side project for me down the road.

Nonetheless, a great looking card.


  1. the underwear...seriously. what was up with that? forever stupid. i don't care if you weren't playing...get your gear on and get out there as soon as the clock hits less than a minute.

  2. Weird that you have Lanny as Captain (a token move) and your two assistant captains not even playing.

    It's a horrible looking shot. I agree, get your gear on and get out there!

  3. Jim Peplinski (left in the photo) was co-captain of the Flames with McDonald. If I remember correctly, he was benched so that McDonald would be handed The Cup if the Flames won.

  4. Yeah, Lanny got the 'honorary' captain designation.

    But Pepper and Hunter should have at least put a jersey on. They look silly in their underwear.