Tuesday, October 13, 2009

STASHED IN THE CLOSET: Lanny McDonald autographed postcard

I know this sounds corny, but I was actually doing some cleaning in my basement over the weekend and came across this postcard that has literally been stashed away for over 25 years.

While an autographed Lanny McDonald postcard might not be too rare, it's the fact that it was from his days in Colorado that make it a real eye opener for me.

I remember living in Medicine Hat, Alberta when I was little (grade 2ish) just for a couple years (this would have been around 1981, 1982). Lanny, who was born in Hanna, Alberta and played his junior hockey for the Medicine Hat Tigers, came to visit our school. He went class to class and gave a speech to each group of students. He then took the time to personally autograph a postcard for each and every kid. I didn't know who Lanny McDonald was at the time, I didn't even know where Colorado was. I just thought it was cool to meet a pro hockey player. I remember very little of the day, but there are some definite memories that have stuck with me all of these years.


  1. Be honest with us. Didn't Lanny's mustache scare you? Even a little bit?

  2. Actually, seeing photos of him without a mustache from his early days in Toronto - now that scared me.