Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BOX BREAK - 2003/04 Victory

A trip to the local card shop on the weekend was in order as I needed to pick up some magnetic one-touch card holders for some of my new Linden acquisitions.

I'm not normally known for busting boxes of wax, but this little sale item caught my eye.

2003/04 Victory

It's a low-end release that has some ridiculous parallels that fetch big bucks. I'm still looking for the Linden parallels by the way.

Anyways, let's take a look.

I gotta say, the base card design is really nice and 2003 gave a really good player selection. Young stars like Nash along side the vets like Lemieux. And remember when Dan Cloutier was good? Neither do I. What's not to like.

The inserts are also impressive (which come one in a pack). I really like the Freshmen Flashback cards - great player selection.

But as with many people's pack opening experiences, I was hoping to 'beat the odds'. Sure enough - I did....

That's right! TWO Trevor Linden cards, in one box. Incredible.

Actually, I'm kidding. I was very interested to see what parallel I would be getting as they tend to be about 1 per box. The Bronze parallels are numbered /199, the silver /50 and the gold /25.

Wouldn't you know it....

Granted, it's Geoff Sanderson, but all I need is to find a Sanderson collector and WHAM, I should be able to trade for something nice (or sell and recoup most of my costs for the box).

The box had 36 packs in it with 6 cards per pack. The box was $40. I think that was a good deal. A fun, inexpensive wax break that actually yielded results.

Crazy stuff.

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