Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here's a card I came across while searching for some goalie mask cards. I thought it would make a great candidate for this section.

2003/04 Upper Deck Ed Belfour #184

Much like the Martin Brodeur card from a couple weeks ago, I gotta say - I love technology.

A shot like this wouldn't have existed 30 years ago (a shame, since I can only imagine what kind of shots could have been had with the vintage masks).

The "net cam" shot has been used for years on television when it comes to replays and officials checking the play. From a photographic and hockey card sense, they've been using this angle for over a decade now.

At first, I loved the shot. It was new and unique. Something different. But much like hockey cards in the 90's, oversaturation killed the allure. Now when I see a "net cam" shot, I barely blink.

This card is different though. It's not an action shot, it's not a goal, it's not a "let's get ready for the faceoff" shot. It's a simple stretch, but it turned an overused shot into a creative piece of cardboard.

I just wonder if Belfour knew the camera was there and that his picture was being taken or not (he is looking right into the camera).


  1. Really, now, does anyone, even Eddie himself, know what Eddie was thinking? ;-) Just a goalie being a goalie, I suppose.

  2. Good point. Goalies are a rare breed.

  3. You're right, though. It's a pretty cool card.