Thursday, November 19, 2009

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 1997/98 Pacific Invincible Red

This week's Linden card is a treat for all you Pacific parallel lovers.

I remember when I first started collecting Trevor Linden cards. I thought "How many cards could he possibly have - 30...40...50. Well, The advent of Pacific parallels boosted that number up 10-fold.

Pacific in their infinite wisdom decided that it would be fun for us player collectors to not only go after one card from a set, but upwards of 4, 6 even 8 cards. All by simply changing the color of the background or the player text or adding some simple serial numbering.

Thank you Pacific! (note the sarcasm if you haven't already).

That said, now 10-12 years later, I am starting to enjoy these cards a little more (probably because I am almost done hunting all of them down). It has turned my few hundred Linden cards into almost 1000.

This Pacific Set is one of my favorites for two reasons. First, it's got a neat design layout and second, the 6-pack it creates when completed looks really cool.

1997/98 Pacific Invincible #142 Red

I really like the cutout/see-through headshot. It's such a simple idea, yet highly underutilized. The solid, textured background also appeals to me (wait until you see the 'rainbow' I've created).

Sure, there are some weak points, such as the text getting lost in the background, but I can live with it as I think it's one of the nicer cards from that time period.

The back of the card is pretty lame say for the cutout of the headshot. Looks great from either side of the card.

But the real reason I have this card as my card of the week is because it looks great next to his 5 brothers.


The gold one would be the regular issued, then there is the red, copper, emerald, silver and ice blue (of which they only made 67 of). Completing this sextet of cards really gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I still don't get the whole parallel thing, but as a player collector I guess it just adds to the searching - which isn't always a bad thing.

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