Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This past week, I did a "One Sheet, One Set" post on some International cards. One of the cards in that set caught my eye. It brought back some oh so painful memories.

The photo on it captured the moment perfectly and I thought it would make a very appropriate "Cardboard Photography" post. Enjoy.

1996 Semic Wien
#74 - Magic Moment

How many of you remember this moment? Peter Forsberg scoring what is known as the most celebrated goal in Sweden's hockey history.

The 1994 Olympic hockey shootout with the Canadians will go down as one of excitement as well as tremendous emotion.

I remember feeling bad for Corey Hirsch (the Canadian goalie) because I thought that it was a terrible way to determine the outcome of such an important hockey game.

How a game in the Olympics could be decided by a shootout is beyond me. I see no reason to go to a sudden death overtime format - like the NHL playoffs. Turning a team game into an individual competition is wrong.

I hope the IOC will one day make a change to that rule.

That said, the move Forsberg put on Hirsch has become a staple in the NHL shootouts. Everytime I see that move attempted, the play-by-play guy makes reference to Forsberg and his out-of-this-world move.

The overhead angle of this shot emphasizes a desperate goalie as well as the second before complete jubilation.

I love these 'moment-in-time' photos put on cards. Brings back strong memories.

Not always good memories though.

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  1. I remember sitting on my grandparents' couch watching this goal as it happened. I then went out into the backyard and tried to re-create that goal.

    Agreed on Hirsch. I didn't feel bad for him at the time, but later, when there was, I believe, a Swedish postage stamp made of this goal. On that stamp he is forever immortalized as the goalie that was in net for Sweden's biggest goal.