Thursday, February 25, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Scott Niedermayer

In keeping with the Olympic theme this month, I thought I'd post a gem from the captain of the Canadian hockey team.

1994/95 Flair
#96 Scott Niedermayer

It's obvious to see why the Canadians are doing so well....there's TWO Scott Niedermayers playing for the team. The regular one - and his 'mini-me' version.

So the concept of this set is to have 2 pictures composited on the front of the card. On most of the cards in the set, one photo would be a tight shot (mostly of just the player's head) and a wider shot (full body mostly).

Most of the cards in the set are just a train wreck. Maybe one in every 15 cards would have a decent layout to the photos. Others would have bad dissolving between photos or terrible composition.

In Scott's case, they just fell asleep at the wheel. It seriously looks like there are two of him on the ice. And they're almost identical poses. Way to mix it up guys. Oh wait a minute, there is a difference, the bigger Scott has his tongue sticking out to the left while the smaller Scott has his tongue out to the right. Awesome! I will call this my ambidextrous Niedermayer card (don't make me type that out again).

The kicker to all of this is that on the back of the card is a nice close-up shot of Scott that would have been perfect for the front of the card.

Flair does NOT have a flair for card making.

Pfftttttttt!!!! To the bike spokes!

Oh, and GO CANADA!


  1. I actually like that set for some reason. Very much so in fact. Probably because that is one of the only 94-95 sets I didn't buy packs of.

  2. It definitely was a unique set at the time. Not always readily available and had a look unlike a lot of other cards.

    Not sure what the price point of packs were at the time. Would this have been considered "high-end" back then? I hope not.

  3. its dr.evil and minime!

  4. Scotty Do!!!! it!