Monday, March 8, 2010

1 vs. 100 - The Mail's Here!

Well, after a few months of working on a huge BLOCKBUSTER trade, I finally received my end of the package today. In addition to over 20 different 'One Sheet, One Set' groups of cards, I received the following additions to my 1 vs. 100 project.

03-04 Beehive Gold
#239 Andrew Hutchinson /15

This is the lowest numbered card of the bunch. A pretty good start if you ask me.

01-02 Pacific Heads Up Silver
#32 Joe Nieuwendyk /27

Me thinks this is a tough card to come by with only 27 copies in existence.

00-01 Pacific Premiere Date
#127 Guy Carbonneau /40

The trend of Pacific parallels is just beginning. I knew they would play a huge role in completing this project.

00-01 Pacific Ice Blue
#132 Mike Keane /45

Another one with a print run of less than 50.

01-02 Crown Royale Premiere Date
#30 Mark Bell /60

A little die-cut action. Looks good.

01-02 Pacific Adrenaline Blue
#102 Richard Zednik /62

Keep 'em coming.

99-00 Pacific Omega Premiere Date
#20 Byron Dafoe /68

Clearly I have run out of comments.

01-02 Titanium Rookie Team
#6 Kristian Huselius /70

This card is my favorite of the bunch. Definitely a unique design that really stands out.

00-01 Paramount Holo-Silver
#159 Radek Dvorak /74

Almost there.

99-00 Pacific Prism Holo-Blue
#20 Michael Peca /80

Yes! that's 10!

There were 3 other cards that were to be a part of my 1 vs. 100 project, but the serial numbers are on the back of the card. I thought they were on the front when I traded for them. I'm working on rectifying the situation with the person I traded with. I've traded with him a few times in the past and know he's a great guy so I have no worries or complaints.

I'm thrilled to have these cards as a part of my collection. Thanks Andy. I really appreciate it.

31 out of 100 (31%)


  1. A "toonie" is two loonies, right? Or is there an actual toonie?

  2. Yup, we've been using toonies now for a while. It replaced our two dollar bills. It's a little larger than a loonie and has a silver outer ring and a darker inner ring. Crazy stuff.