Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Behind The Masks: Masked Men

I haven't had too many posts featuring one of my other collections - goalie masks. I thought I'd change that.

For years, I've enjoyed collecting goalie mask cards, starting with the Pinnacle inserts, eventually moving to the Between The Pipes Masks, finding some less popular insert sets that have masks prominently on the card, to obscure stuff.

Bottom line - if it's got a mask on the front of the card - I want it.

I have most of the mask sets from the past. That said, I still have some work to do on a few recent releases.

2008/09 In The Game
Between The Pipes Masked Men

This set replaced the popular Mask insert set they had incorporated in their Between The Pipes releases over the previous 5 years. I really liked those sets as they had some nice shots (and an eclectic mix) of goalie masks. This set is a little bit of a disappointment. Mostly because the player's face is also in the shot.

I know - it doesn't make sense. But I really like the mask cards where the mask is the only thing on the card.

I'm also not a big fan of non-NHLers being included in the set. Seriously, Marek Benda - who are you?

Regardless, I'm slowly building the set (I only have 6 of the 50 cards in the set so far). I need to get a move on seeing as this year's version is bound to bombard card shows and stores soon.

2009/10 In The Game
1972 The Year In Hockey Masked Men

I was really excited to hear that they would be throwing some vintage masks into this set. Some of the players in the set are pretty obscure. Ken Brown - Awesome (even if it's a WHA photo). Some nice masks in the set. The only downer is that there are only 10 cards in the set. I would loved to have seen 30 or 40.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to finishing this one up as well.

I'll post more as they come in. Thought you'd enjoy them.


  1. fill up your paypal... In the Game 09/10 Between the Pipes is coming out on the 25th, included is a 50 card Masked Men insert set. (roughly 1 1/2 per box)

  2. The Villemure mask is nice and creepy but it's hard to beat Gerry Cheevers' "stitches" mask.

  3. Yes, they will be a plenty this year. And it's in the same style again.

    I guess I can't complain. I'm happy they've got a mask insert set to go after.

    I am a total sucker for the vintage masks. The Villemure mask is one of my favorites. It gives the goalie a completely different look. I've seen picks of Maniago that look pretty creepy too.


  4. I always liked the Elite Painted Warrior set and the Pacific (I think) Glove Side Laser Die Cuts in the late 90s.

  5. The Painted Warrior set is one of my favorites as well. The die-cut masks looked really slick.

  6. I don't really follow it myself, but how do you feel about the baseball catchers masks? Are they getting creative with them, too? Are there any sets that feature the catcher's masks?

  7. I think they are slowly all moving to the "goalie-style" mask. I don't think too many of them have gone overly colorful with them (as I'm guessing it might be a distraction....good when it's an opposing player, bad when it's your pitcher).

    I've never seen any inserts specific to catcher masks - only a matter of time though.