Monday, March 15, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Petr Nedved

In my opinion, any Petr Nedved card should be good to go into the bike spokes.

This flashy forward had a strong junior career after defecting from the former Czechoslovakia during the Mac's Midget tournament in Calgary in 1989.

Drafted by the Canucks (in a stacked first round that included Owen Nolan, Keith Primeau, Mike Ricci and Jaromir Jagr), Nedved showed moments of promise. But inconsistency and lack of passion is what I saw from him most nights.

Juggled later on by the Blues, Rangers and Penguins, Nedved never materialized into the player many touted him for.

That's where we find him at on this card.

Oh man. Really. This is the best pic you could come up with Pinnacle?

Well, it might just be. Nedved is after all - shooting the puck.

Nice Nike's! I think I had a pair like 'em back in the 90's as well.

And the long underwear/sweatpants - nice.

Wanna know the best part. Pinnacle liked the "photoshoot" so much, they decided to go with another beauty.

Awesome! A double shot of Nedved goodness.

He looks like a seven year old who just got a hockey stick on Christmas morning.

Why? Why do we need these kinds of photos on our hockey cards? There is absolutely no reason for it. Heck, the back of the cards have better photos - IN UNIFORM - I might add.

It's a double for Peter Nedved....


To the bike spokes you go.


  1. Wow, I think I asked Nedved to sign that top card once. Can't remember if he did. I'll check.

  2. I actually liked those cards. You are crushing my dreams. Crushing!

  3. I'll admit....the mid 90's Pinnacle did have it's moments - good and bad.

    What I liked about them is that they tried to give the collector something different.

    What I hated about that they tried to give the collector something different.

    Ultimately (and this is what I love most about the hobby), opinions differ and I respect that.

    Now go enjoy your pyjama-clad Petr Nedved cards. :) I keed! I keed!

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. yeah...

    anyway, what's up with the player on the bench? either he's buddy buddy with a lightning player or this pic was taken when he was with the las vegas thunder! wonder which it is? weird.

  5. I'm gonna go with this:

    The Lightning player is Brian Bradley who used to be a teammate of Nedved's in Vancouver.

    Just a stab in the dark.

    He's probably saying "Hey Petr, this is how you tape your stick. Makes the puck go in te net better....really.

  6. I guess that the player with Nedved is Petr Klima. His stick was taped this way.

  7. Interesting guess. Would they have been teammates at one time? They both played with the Oilers.