Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The big card show last weekend yielded a couple of 'freebie' autographs that I thought I'd share.

Hall Of Famers to boot!

This first card was in the free loot bag that they handed out on the Sunday. A nice touch from the people at Bossa who put the show on.

It's a custom Cheevers autograph card. A nice card, but a little thin on the design front. Bossa have created numerous cards for their shows in the past (I picked up a Jean Beliveau autograph a couple years ago in order to take a closer look at how the card was made).

I think that is what I like the most about this card...the quality of the card itself. Very nice card stock, a sort of matte or luster finish and very well cut.

The back of the card is nothing to write home about...but that's ok - it's the thought that counts.

The second item comes from one of the feature signers on the weekend.

Saturday was reserved for the great Phil Esposito. Still brash and opinionated, Phil seemed to be on top of his game.

I decided not to pick up an autograph as it was a $45 charge. No thanks.

Sunday was supposed to have Paul Henderson signing, but apparently he was in too poor of health to fly's orders. He announced back in February that he had been diagnosed with cancer. It seems that the battle is a tough one. My thoughts go out to him.

The show organizers mentioned that Paul was very disappointed he could not attend and that they would (at no charge) send your item to Paul to sign and mail back to you. Class move.

In a pinch, Bossa was able to bring in Marcel Dionne. Wow! Nice replacement.

Again, signatures were $45. I wasn't really interested in getting one until they mentioned that if you purchased 3 raffle tickets for a draw to win an autographed Bobby Orr jersey, you would get a free photo to be signed by Marcel. AND...all the money was going to charity.

For $20.....sign me up!

I didn't win the jersey, but did get this...

Great stuff. Marcel was very talkative and wanted to know what was up with the Flames and some of the bonehead trades they have made recently. Awesome!

Stay tuned to see more of my card show gatherings.


  1. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I was just wondering if you noticed this. Why does the back of the Cheevers' say it was signed by Cam Neely?

    Nice personalization on that Dionne.

  2. Nice stuff. Like I said before, I wish we had card shows like that around here. From what I hear, there are quite a few retired NHL stars who within an hour or two of Tampa Bay.

    Stan Mikita was the last signing I attended down here and that was in 2006.

  3. I saw the error on the Cheevers as well. Part of the reason why I scanned the back. A quick double check should eliminate things like that.

    Lazy....that's all I can see it to be.

    I really enjoy card shows. With ebay and online transactions...the day of the card show may be coming to an end. I like to get out and support the shows because I want to see them stay.