Sunday, May 9, 2010

TTM: Golden Twilight

Well, in response to my TTM failure last month, I have decided to get going on some more cards to send out.

One new 'FA Authentic' and a couple of special custom cards my niece and I have put together.

FA Authentic
Betty White

This card is in celebration of her SNL appearance (it's just starting as I type this) and her ump-teenth career revival - can you believe she's 88!!! Sharp as a whip too.

Cross your fingers this one comes back.

The next two cards are the first two from a set my niece and I are looking to build. She's a huge fan of the 'Twilight' series and I thought it would be neat to see if we could get some TTM signatures.

She helped come up with the layout, picked out the photos, came up with the text for the back...she even got working on the Photoshop software and was cutting out photos and such. Printing, cutout and assembly were also her forte.

Without a doubt, these cards are truly hers. She's really proud of them (as am I).

We plan on packaging them up tomorrow and mailing them out.

I'm not sure we'll see a signature on the Robert Pattinson card (he's not a reliable signer), but I think we should have good success on the Peter Facinelli card.

Wish her luck.


  1. those twilight cards look awesome. i have to make sure my daughters don't see this post or they'll be begging me to find those for them....

  2. Very nice job. Crisp, clean and thematic.

  3. Those all look great, especially the Betty White.