Friday, September 17, 2010


With the NHL season quickly creeping up on us, it's often a time for collectors to assess and evaluate their habits, spending and ultimately their goals as it pertains to the hobby.

While I plan on taking a look at where I am at with my collections and where I would like to be come the end of the season, I don't think I will be yielding as much of a serious tone when it comes to my expectations this season.

From a financial standpoint, it will be status quo for me. Saving each month and spending when the time is right. Not overdoing it (too often) and recognizing the times that might only come around once in a blue moon.

From a project standpoint, I think my Linden collection is pretty much stagnant right now. If I happen to come across a card I need, I will probably be aggressive towards obtaining it. I hear rumblings that he might be included in a set this upcoming season - which would be cool.

My One Sheet, One Set project is one that I would like to have better organized rather than substantially adding to it. That said, if a great deal crosses my path....I'll jump at it.

1 vs. 100. Now that's one project I'd like to see progress quite a bit. Remembering that I'm not breaking the bank for it. I think I can get another 25-30 cards by the end of the season.

My other smaller projects are nothing more than just fun projects that are more "Hey....look what I found. I'll add it to my collection." Nothing that I will seriously pursue.

I'd like to continue getting rid of the stuff that no longer is a part of "my collection". Stuff that just sits in my closet and takes up space. The last couple years have been good for getting rid of stuff, but I'd like to take another step towards streamlining.

From my blog standpoint, I'd like to continue what I have started. I am quite proud of my first year of blogging (OK - 11 months). I hope to continue blogging with some consistency and with topics that interest me. Hopefully they will interest you too. Not sure in what ways I will expand the blog (if I even will), but I'm very much looking forward to the season.

And finally, the biggest goal of them all - have fun. It's can often be the one that is overlooked the most. Whenever I take my niece and/or nephew out somewhere and we go over the rules, they automatically know the answer when I ask "What's rule #1?" HAVE FUN!

I like that.

Have you got goals for your collections, projects or the hobby in general? What are they?


  1. finish some sets...

    start some new ones...


  2. My biggest goal has to be getting my collection more organized. I've got binders, 5000 count boxes, shoe boxes and desk drawers full of unorganized cards. I want to go through everything and eventually have it all organized by year and set. Then I can get rid of any duplicates at first and work on the unnecessary stuff from there. I also want to get my trade list together, because I’ve got so many auto and jersey cards I have no use for, maybe I can get something I want in return for them.

    As far as projects go, I really hope to add quite a few cards to my Silver, Gold, and Super Script sets. I want to continue to expand my Jimmy Howard collection, as eight cards isn't much of a collection yet. I’ve also got a few new projects in the works and I hope to have those underway by the time the season begins.

    Other than that, I plan on continuing my blog, maybe expanding it a little and reworking the look of it, and finishing up a few custom set ideas I’ve been working on for quite a while.

  3. Short goals are to get organized and send people their cards that have taken over my closet. As for collecting in general...I'm with the Capt. on that one. I have too many started and not enough variety. For my personal collection, I am working on getting my card displays filled with the "perfect" cards. So in other words, it will never be finished.

  4. I agree with both Captain and Paul. I need some organization and I need to finish some sets.

  5. Organization seems to be the common goal.

    I agree.....but my expectation is not to be 'completely organized', rather 'making progress' towards being completely organized.

    It is after all a hobby and should be enjoyed.

    Organization can often seem like a 'job' or 'work'.

    Let's not be too organized everyone. :)

  6. My biggest goal is to not get consumed by it. For the past two seasons, I've had to step back and catch my breath. Between home, Colin's hockey, hounding and work (in that order), there aren't enough hours in the day.

    I asked my doctor for a prescription for "27-hour days," but he couldn't do that. Clear off your plate, he said, and get some sleep.

    Beyond that, I'm hoping to raise the autographed puck collection to 2,250 before April.

  7. Ah yes....the 27-hour days. What a concept that would be. :)

    Better to recognize that it doesn't exist and step back rather than force the square peg through the round hole.

    Best to you this upcoming season.

  8. I agree it's best to have some clear goals. Over the summer I've been thinking about how I can streamline some of my collections.

    Moving forward, I am going to try to ship out some of the stuff that doesn't fit into any of my collections. I have some great cards and collectibles, but I just feel that some of them are just taking up space.

    If they aren't fun to have around, I want to get them outta here!

  9. I completely agree.

    While I found it difficult at first to get rid of some of my cards 'ruthlessly' or perhaps taking a loss on them value-wise, I found it was like a weight being lifted off my back.

    Looking back now.....I'm very glad I did get rid of some of the excess cards just taking up space.