Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A recent comment to one of my posts had me digging through my Linden collection and firing up the scanner.

One reader mentioned in my most recent 'One Sheet, One Set' column that the player behind Roenick looked like Trevor Linden.

2001/02 Private Stock
#74 Jeremy Roenick

I am still trying to figure out if it is him or not. I'm thinking it is, but I have not been able to find any hard evidence confirming this. It's either him or Keith Primeau in my opinion.

Nonetheless, the reader asked if there were other cards that had Linden in the shot of another player's card. Indeed there are....and I do count them in my collection.

In my search for all things Linden, I have come across 3 cards (not counting their parallels) and just recently confirmed a fourth. Here are the goods.

1998/99 Upper Deck
#150 Eric Desjardins

This card is one that I just found out about a little while ago. Clearly it is Linden in the shot. I haven't tracked this one down yet (or the 3 parallels that go with it) but will be adding them to my wantlist.

1998/99 Topps
O-Pee-Chee #87 Bret Hedican

This was the first Linden 'cameo' card that I officially included in my wantlist. I had busted a few packs of the product back in the day and noticed Linden more than Hedican in the photo.

I thought it looked cool and decided that I would try to track down all the other parallels (there are 4 in total...all of which I have).

1992/93 O-Pee-Chee
#347 Rod Langway

This one was pointed out to me a few years ago. While there is no question that it is indeed Linden in front of the net, this one wasn't as pronounced as the others. Still, I figured I'd include it. There were no parallels or anything so it was an easy decision at the time.

1992/93 Bowman
#226 Paul Coffey AS Gold Foil

Believe it or not, I just stumbled upon this one a few nights ago. I was going through a few more base cards and was separating the gold foil all-star cards from my 92/93 Bowman set. I saw Linden peeking out the corner of this card and decided to put it aside. Why not.

So there you have it. A few Linden cameos. If anyone happens to come across any others, I'd appreciate a heads up.


  1. that's got to be linden with roenick. i'm pretty sure that's the edge of the old (newish at the time) capitals logo sticking out there...eagle feathers....

    the timing of roenick being with the flyers and linden with the capitals also works out.

  2. I've done some asking and an interesting comment came about.

    One person feels it is a Columbus Blue Jackets player.

    Note the stars on the sleeve by the wrist and the collar.

    Now check out this jersey...


  3. More investigative work.

    Another person had some interesting info....

    "As a Cap, Linden played the Flyers twice when Roenick was on the team. Once was a home game (which Roenick didn't play in) and the other was an away game, so focusing on the latter since it's a dark jersey...the away game featured an epic fight between Todd Fedoruk and Stephen Peat. Of all the Fedoruk/Peat tilts, only this one happened on the road, and after finding a video of that fight on Youtube, the Caps were wearing the White House 3rd jerseys...not the flying on that basis, it can't be Linden."

    Another person mentioned that it is Jamie Pushor. Played for Columbus at the time, shoots right, uses an Easton stick (where Linden was more of a Bauer guy), and wore number 5 (check out the says '5').

    I'm calling it - game, set, match.

  4. Jamie Pushor, Linden's doppelganger!