Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well, here's an interesting episode of Scribbles & Scribes. It makes me want to do some hunting to see if I can find some others.

I have found it far too easy to find scribbles from current NHLers. I find it quite sad actually that there are just a handful of decent autographs out there and only a select full that would be worthy of a scribe moniker.

That said, I found an interesting match for this card...

Carey Price

Ho hum. No surprise here. Another rushed couple of pen strokes. You can kind of make out his name, but by no means is this any sort of signature to write home about.

Now, I've always thought that these poor signatures are a result of too many requests, poor penmanship skills to begin with or both. What surprised me is the scribe that follows...

Carey Price

Interesting. Carey actually knew how to sign his name at one point.

I'm sure this was one of his first signed cards and so he was just being extra careful to be legible. Too bad he's so inconsistent (and his signature looks like crap too - HEY-OH!!!!!).

Like I said, I'd like to see if there are other examples of sheer signature deterioration out there. If you come across sure to let me know.

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