Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Kelly Kisio

In honour of the latest Panini product release - Score, I randomly selected a card from the original set (released 20 years ago) to use in this post.

OK, not really, some of the photos weren't too bad, but definitely nothing to write home about.

In defense, the Score set from 1990/91 was a landmark set. It redefined (along with Upper Deck and Pro Set) the way we looked at cards and ultimately, the way we collected them.

If only the quality of the products could have matched the quantity.

1990/91 Score
#37 Kelly Kisio

Or should that say card #37.....Budweiser Sign.

Now maybe I don't know a whole lot about cards and the thought process or time that is put into creating such a work of art, but my gut tells me to put the player photo in the card as opposed the sign on the board.

I understand the dilemma, have Kisio fill the frame of the card, but keep the puck in the shot. If you scaled the player down too much, he would look like a chipmunk. That would look terrible. Kisio is already 'chipmunk-esque'.

I think it would be best just to have him peeking out the side of the card and leave the hockey puck in full view. It is after all an 'action shot'. It's what we do nowadays with hockey cards. Show the puck!

A horizontal card? No, we can't do that. That would mean we would have to rebuild all of the information on the card. These are complex designs we're talking about. It's not the 80's anymore you know.

I often sift through singles from this set when they are at card shows. I always like saying "Got it, got it, got it, got it, got it, got it, I'm thirsty!"

Hopefully Score, you will have some better photography in your new release. I'm skeptical though since you are paying homage to the product. The style, the price, the massive checklist of scrub players.....hopefully not the photos.

To you Score (1990 version)......



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