Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WHO AM I? - Round Two Anyone?

Well, we had some good response to my first attempt at this - so let's try it again.

Here's the drill (it's pretty simple)...figure out who the three signatures belong to. And remember - there's a theme.

No hints this time. Good luck.

I'll post the comments and the answers in a few days.


  1. 1. Tyler Myers
    2. Zdeno Charo
    3. This is a tough one. I feel like I have seen this before. My guess is Ilya Kovalchuk but I'm not feeling confident with that guess.

  2. First one is Tyler Myers, don't know the other two...hmmm...

  3. Tyler Myers, Zdeno Chara and Kari Lehtonen?

  4. First is Tyler Myers. I'm lost on the other two though, even with the clue.

  5. Sorry for the delay. It was the last one who threw me for a loop, but once you added a clue, besides them being all defensemen, I figured it out:

    Top: Buffalo's Tyler Myers
    Middle: Boston's Zdeno Chara
    Bottom: Tampa Bay's Vladimir Mihalik?

  6. Id say the top one is Tyler Myers...