Sunday, January 30, 2011

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Jaromir Jagr

I've been saving this one for the right occasion. With today's All-Star game on tap later this afternoon, I thought this would be an appropriate time.

1991/92 Upper Deck
#617 Jaromir Jagr AS

One of the all-time greats......for terrible photos I mean.

This mullet is legendary. Business in the front - party in the back doesn't even start to describe this haircut. Freshly feathered and surely a new cut, Jagr was styled to the 10's for his high school, er All-Star photo.

Add to that a confused glare, not-quite-sure smile and what looks to be Spock-like ears, this photo takes the cake.

It's so good, I bet you could put on it on a five dollar bill and it would look awesome.


For introducing one of the most notoriously terrible haircuts of all-time into the NHL, Jaromir Jagr.....




  1. That might be the best mullett I've ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually on a five spot in the Czech Republic.

  2. With the exception of the poofiness on the top, I had the same exact haircut for about two years. And yes, I played hockey. We all had that haircut. Half the guys I used to play with that are all still living in and around Pittsburgh STILL have that haircut.

    I will let the hair go to the bike spokes but I cannot, under any circumstances, condone a Jagr card being destroyed by bicycle.

  3. haha, that image looks good on the fiver, maybe we should contact the Canadian Mint to change

  4. Ohhhhh...welll...this is