Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 2002/03 Parkhurst Show Card

Well, I gotta say, 2011 has been a pretty good year so far when it comes to my Trevor Linden collection.

Some new releases, a couple cards /10, a nice fight strap /3 and a 1/1 really makes the month look good.

That said, I think the following months will be just as exciting. So let's start it off with a card that's been on the wantlist for almost 10 years.

2002/03 Be A Player Parkhurst
#183 Chicago Sportsfest SHOW /10

I'm a completest. When it comes to my Linden collection, I want one of everything. Show cards included.

Other collectors might balk at show cards saying they're nothing more than a fake parallel or a non-pack inserted card. While that may be true, I see it as another unique collectible with Linden's mug on it.

These show cards from the early 2000's are next to impossible to come by these days. I wish I was more aware of them back in the day as it would have helped out immensely. They can still fetch decent coin (in comparison to other player show cards).

There were a lot of variants to the show cards as well. The Toronto show (both spring and fall), the Chicago show, the All-Star game and the National just to name a few.

I kind of like finding show cards. For some reason I feel like they're even more rare than they indicate. I feel like a good chunk of them are just sitting in some ex-dealer's monster boxes never to see the light of day again. Making mine all the more valuable. :)

Now if I can just track down some others on the list.

As for the card itself, this release came just as Trevor found his way back to Vancouver. After forgettable stints in New York, Montreal and Washington, Trevor's return to the Canucks really revitalized my Linden collecting to say the least.

It's the same type of feeling I had a few months ago when I saw that he was being inserted into a number of products this year.

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