Saturday, February 26, 2011

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 2005/06 Panini Sticker

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week. I've taken on a second editing project that has eaten up my past couple of weekends as well as some weeknights.

Hopefully, I can have it finished up soon and get it off my plate (which is slowly being cleared off....nice).

Anyways, I recently picked up a couple of items from an online store called Center Ice Collectibles. Boy, I wish I had heard of them before. Finding any sort of Linden cards on my wantlist not released in the past couple of years are tough, and yet I was able to snag three. And for a great price! (They also shipped super fast as well).

2005/06 Panini #363

This was the one item I was most thrilled to acquire. Yup, it's a simple Panini sticker from 5 years ago. Nothing to write home about eh? Well, when it's been staring at you from your wantlist for that long, it's a gem to land it.

I haven't come across this item in the 5 years I've been looking for it. So, just for good measure....I picked up 3 of them. Why not. They were going for a good price.

This sticker is yet another example of how a 'cheap' base card can have the same impact as a rare parallel. I was just as excited to get this package in the mail as some of the more high end cards I've received recently.

And it will have an equally important seat in the table that is my Linden collection.

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