Saturday, March 12, 2011

RATE MY MASK - Carey Price

I wasn't planning on doing three in a row, but I got a request. And I can't turn down a request now can I?

Also....these are fun to put together.

This is Price's current mask. It's got the cowboy motif front and center. He's had a wide range of lids over his short career. Regular masks (that to me are a bit real 'wow' factor), tribute masks that have looked really nice and the Heritage Classic mask he wore in February was pretty cool.

The Jacques Plante tribute was nice to see (and the eyes on top were like).

Back to his current mask. Designed by David Arrigo, this mask carries forward two common themes with Carey Price masks - the CH logo (which is on the top of the helmet) and a blue cross (which is on the backplate).

A rodeo-themed mask, it has a couple of steer ropers on the sides. I heard that Price tried his hand at professional team steer roping in the off-season and continues to have a strong passion for the hobby.

The chin spells out his last name with the 'I' substituted with the instantly recognizable bull skull head thing (you know what I mean).

The background is white in color (which helps the design pop a little more) and some lightning bolts add some texture of the top and sides.

It's a pretty sharp mask all-in-all, but as I mentioned, it doesn't have that 'wow' factor. The theme of the mask doesn't make a mask design successful, it's the execution of the theme.

This one was done well, but then again, so are most of the masks in the NHL.

2.5 out of 5

Your turn......Rate My Mask!


  1. Wow ! You have made that one very fastly ! Thanks a lot.

    As you would expect, I'm a fan of Carey Price's current mask. I agree with you that it does not have the "wow" factor you are looking for (neither is Thomas' one, IMO), but I tend to give a lot of love to masks that fits well with the equippement and the uniform. In this case, it's pretty well done. Carey completely white gear combined to the mask is, in my opinion, very nice. What I like least is the brown color used for the horses, I think it would be greater with red tinted horses... By the way, I preferred Carey's first mask, with the singer a side. It was great with Habs red uniform.

    As far as I am concerned, I thought his Heritage Classic mask was pretty ugly. Very cool, but ugly. What I liked the most was the fact that the ears on the mask were Price's and the eyes were Dryden's.

    I didn't really like his reaper mask neither, it meant nothing really special and I believe it didn't fit him well. Moreover, his season with this mask was a disaster, so it doesn't constribute to make me like it.

    I could talk about this for hours long, so I'll stop here :P . Thank you for having responded to my request, and continue your good work, it's really fun to read.

  2. Oh, and I give a 3.8 out of 5. And a big 4.5 for his rookie mask.

  3. give this one a 3.5. it's simplicity pops on the ice. not overly complicated like too many of them are...

  4. The top mask is a bit too busy to me. It lacks a dominant image. I'm like where do I look first? I'll give it a 2 out of 5.

    The Plante tribute mask, which is kinda creepy, copies Steve Shields' tribute mask to Gerry Cheevers. I felt the same way about that one, too. Though I appreciate the tribute and how it played well at a "Heritage" game, Price gets a 1.5 from the Florida judge.

  5. 3. it doesn't really stand out to me

  6. 3. I like the red, white and blue colour scheme. And it obviously goes well with the Montreal uniform.

    1 for the Plante tribute. Not a fan of the eyes on top of the mask.

  7. I agree, no wow factor on his rodeo mask. I'm sure it has wow factor for him, since he's a big rodeo fan and has participated. But to me...nope. I'd give it a 1.5.

    And the Heritage Classic mask was way too creepy for me. I don't like ears on masks...Quick's anniversary mask had those this year too. Don't dig it. And the eyes on Price's were just too creepy for me.

  8. 3 - it is a really cool desighn but it needs more color to it. and the mask with the face on it - 1 i think it was too much and a little weird!

  9. Hey kiddo! Thanks for posting!

    I agree. White is tough to get excited about. I'm going to try and track down an 'over the top' mask for my next submission.

    Thanks again!