Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My recent interview with Vancouver Canucks photographer Jeff Vinnick still fresh in my mind, I decided to use one of his fantastic photos in this installment of Cardboard Photography.

2008/09 Upper Deck
Biography Of A Season
#BS10 Roberto Luongo

This photo, taken on November 6, 2008 as opposed to the November 8, 2008 date mentioned on the back of the card, shows Canucks tender Roberto Luongo making one of his 28 saves to earn his second straight shutout in a 1-0 victory over Phoenix.

This photo was taken from what Jeff calls the 'suicide box'. It's the small area in between the players' benches (where you will often find Pierre McGuire share his hockey vocabulary). Unprotected and right at ice level, this spot creates a very vulnerable position for Jeff to be put in. Although he says that it's not nearly as bad as if he were at the other end of the bench. The play rarely focuses in right on his doorstep.

Jeff continues that while this angle rarely snags some solid offensive photos (since the players would have their backs to him), it makes for some stellar netminding shots. And this card illustrates that perfectly.

The photo was cropped quite a bit for the card which draws your eye to the puck even faster. The concentration on Roberto's face is also more prevalent as a result.

I like the design this card front has and I think it only adds to the value of the photo. The full mesh background of the netting really gives this card some great layering.

A great, inexpensive insert set to chase with a solid design and the ever present Upper Deck photography bar in place, this card will now sit in the binder with the other photo greats.

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  1. I'm looking forward to knowing everything about the Vinnick interview! And the card is pretty sweet photography by Jeff!