Monday, April 25, 2011

RATE MY MASK - Steve Valiquette

Ask and you shall receive. I had a request for the Rate My Mask feature and I think it's a great selection.

A very underrated mask, and one that gets overlooked (mostly due to his limited time in the NHL).

"Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighborhood Spiderman." If that doesn't say New York, I don't know what does.

Steve had previously gone with the Spiderman theme in his mask, but in 2009 when he added more red to his pads, he decided to go with a new mask.

Maskmaker Dave Gunnarsson decided that in order to add red, he would create a stone wall for Spidey to break through.

The New York landmarks including a Statue of Liberty wearing a Rangers jersey fill out the sides. But it's the monuments in his eyes that add a cool subtle touch.

His number 40 sits on the chin amidst the crumbling rock. A pretty simple and slick design.

While I was designing this mask, I came across another pic that I thought would make a good card.

So here's two for the price of one.

A pretty bold backplate (too bad the straps are blocking it). I like the nickname as well.

Overall, I give this mask some decent points for design, but it doesn't quite have that 'wow' factor for me.

2.5 out of 5 it's your turn to Rate My Mask!


  1. I give this one a 4 out of 5. I love the colors and the overall look of the mask. I'm even planning on using this one in an upcoming installment of my Fractal Mask custom set.

  2. I'll go with a 2/5, that high mainly due to the backplate. The front looks like a pizza exploded.

  3. Love it! Just the backplate deserves a 4/5. One can't help but think the stop sign would be more useful at the front though.

  4. One of my fav masks that always stuck out in my mind
    Thanks for taking the hint! lol

  5. 3.5 the statue liberty in the Rangers sweater is cool

  6. The mask pops, but the "exploding comment" resonates. So does the monuments in the eyes. I'll give it a 3.

  7. i give it a four out of five because it is very colorful and i love the statue of liberty wearing ther jersey but i also didn't like the spiderman front it took awhile to see unless you read the post so negitive 1 on that.