Sunday, April 3, 2011

WHO AM I? - Congrats Iggy!

Well, this one might have been tougher than I had anticipated. I received 5 submissions and only two of you had the right players.

Big congrats to Puckhound (in addition to Iginla) for being the first to correctly list the three players and note their connection.

All three players are in the 1000 point club, with their newest member, Jarome Iginla, leading the way. In total, there are 77 players who have hit this milestone mark.

Jarome Iginla

Iggy's been on fire lately and his 3-point night last week against St. Louis, capped by a classic Jarome Iginla wrist shot far side, pushed him to the magical mark.

He's currently sitting tied for 6th in league scoring and is one goal away from hitting the 40-goal mark for the fourth time in his career.

Back in November, he was being tagged as 'over-the-hill', 'not the same player' and 'lacking leadership'. To all the 'Flames fans' (and I use that term lightly since we have some doozie bandwagon jumping followers here in Cowtown) and to the media who kept this front and center for so long - How's Iggy doing now?

In my eyes, he's shown all the doubters that he's a clutch player and one of the best leaders in the game. I hope they can find a way into that magical 8 spot in the standings.

Vincent Damphousse

I tricked a couple of people here I think. The 'V' makes people think Lecavalier, but it's another popular Vincent that scribes this sig.

Vinny Damphousse sits with 1205 points in his interesting career. He never hit the 100-point plateau and only scored 40 goals in a season once (he had 40 goals in 1993/94 with the Montreal Canadiens). He was just under a point a game when he hit the 1000 point milestone in October of 2000.

He played with four teams during his 18-year career (remember his one season with Edmonton?) and after the 03/04 season signed with the Colorado Avalanche. He never played with the Avs due to the lockout that cancelled the 2004/05 seasons. One of the many casualties of the lockout.

Phil Housley

I forgot he scored 1000 points. I forgot he played for EIGHT different teams.

He's one of those 'love 'em or hate 'em' type players. I wasn't the biggest fan of his I'll admit, but you have to give him credit for getting to the 1000 point mark.

He actually did it in 9 fewer games than Damphousse and over 100 fewer games than Iginla. I don't know if that is a tell tale for the talent Housley has or if it provides an example of just how much the game has changed since Phil came into the league in 1982.

A 7-time All-Star, Phil is second amongst U.S.-born players with 1232 career points. He is eligible for the Hall Of Fame, but his never winning a Stanley Cup might be one thing that keeps him out.

Iginla better get things movin' if he's going to knock that monkey off his back himself.

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