Thursday, June 23, 2011

ONE SHEET, ONE SET - 2003/04 SP Authentic

The 'One Sheet, One Set' train has been sitting in the station for far too long. I've picked up a number of base cards at the last card show I went to, but haven't had the chance to document and properly store them.

So......I'll go with a past sheet that's been sitting in the binder waiting to come out.

2003/04 Upper Deck
SP Authentic

Upon first look, you'd think this set was from the mid-90's. They just have that 'nothing special' feel to them.

These base cards are the first 90 in a 166 card set. The remainder being RC's. I will just be focusing on the base.

Very grey, very measured, very linear.

There's just nothing about the front of the card that gets me excited to collect the set. I've seen better designs from custom card creators - the layout is boring. The text is minimalist (and that's being kind). The photo selection reeks of bland - par for the course.

So with that....let's take a closer look.

Alright, I'll concede, there is some texture to some of the elements in the background. The marble/stone effect gain minimal points.

The various shades of grey just don't inspire me. And on the darkest chunk sits the word 'Authentic'. It's a failed attempt at something that might have had some potential. Look at how much of the card background is actually white. Horrible!

The horizontal lines just miss completely. In the background at the top, they just get lost. It's too bad since that design structure might have worked if it was better thought out.

The horizontal blind look at the bottom of the card just loses me. I don't think it meshes with the top half of the card at all. It impedes too much on the player cutout. The fancy attempt at putting the player's last name in with that layer just feels like a company grasping at straws.

The player name and team nickname in the bottom corner are a joke. Slap and slap! Could there have been less effort put in? I doubt it.

The player photo selection has zero emotion and really fits the card design well. And by well.....I mean bad.

If you saw a bunch of these in a card box would you think " product" or "Junk Wax!".

I thought so.

The back of the card keeps some of the design elements from the front (too bad). The stone textures and grey return. The barely noticeable 'Authentic' is back - like it means something. Gone though are the window blinds (thank you).

Great head shot (sarcasm). I take back most of the points handed out to the front of the card. Why would a card company want to use the same bad photo twice? Oh yeah, they weren't trying.

Stats are minimal. At this point I could care less. I feel like there are things just randomly placed here and there. No rhyme or reason.

The team logo. The position abbreviation. The lines separating the player name, tidbit and stats. Even the card number itself.

It's like someone just picked up all the card back elements, threw them up in the air and where they landed is where they stayed.

The bottom quarter of the card is a waste. White and logos. Sign me up!

Phew! There, I'm done.

Overall, if you couldn't see this one coming, avoid this set. There's nothing redeeming about it. I'm not even going to look into the guide to see what it books for because I can guarantee it's not very much. And if you can't find the set dirt cheap....then you're getting ripped off.

Now that I look at it, I feel ripped off that I actually paid for 8 cards. Dang. Back in the binder you go - never to be seen again.

0.5 out of 5

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  1. Ouch, ya its pretty brutal...I still see slight potential in the front, I've hated other sets worst so I'll give it 1.25 out of 5