Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Bernie Wolfe

Goalies are a rare breed. Eccentric, borderline crazy and unique characters. Some wear their emotions on their sleeve while others keep it calm and cool between the pipes.

Some are crazy addicted to routine while others workout and stretch like it's nobody's business.

Then there's Bernie Wolfe.

1978/79 Topps
#81 Bernie Wolfe

(insert some cheesy 70's theme music....like Sanford & Son)
It appears that he ate one too many hamburgers before the game. Or he's misplaced his wallet. Or he's doing his "It's Pat!" impression.

Maybe he took a puck in the gut. Just look at his eyes....they seem to reflect discomfort.

Oh.......maybe he's got to.....

Let's hope not.

Bernie was in the nets for 25 games the previous season with the Capitals. You'd think there would be something else out there to slap on a hockey card.

Even his mask is generic and boring. One of the few fibreglass masks that don't impress me at all.

What's sad is that this card is Wolfe's final piece of cardboard in the NHL. What a lasting impression.

Bernie, for your stomach-ache of a photo (I'm feeling a little nauseous myself)...




  1. LOL @ the "It's Pat" reference!

  2. Googled ol Bernie and found out a funny lil fact; Wolfe retired from professional hockey in 1979 but the Capitals attempted to "revive" his career by attempting to sign him in order to make him the goaltender they would expose in the 1992 NHL Expansion Draft.

    The move was denied by the NHL; Wolfe had long retired from the NHL and was well into his career as a financial planner.

    Phil Esposito, who had recently become part owner of the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning was quoted as saying about the incident: "I didn't just pay $50 million for Bernie Wolfe. He wasn't any good when I played against him".

  3. Great stuff Brad. Thanks for adding.

  4. Wolf was actually quite a good goalie.
    I saw him perform amazingly on more that one occasion.
    His problem was that he was plying for a young (read: lousy) expansion team that never gave him any defense (or offense).

    He even had a well painted mask:

  5. Hey ddd,

    I remember that mask. Unfortunate that the card couldn't have had a photo with that mask.

    Glad to hear that Bernie had some stellar moments in the NHL. Must be a tough position for a goalie to be in (playing on an inexperienced expansion team).

    Thanks for the comment!