Sunday, July 31, 2011

WHO AM I? - Must Be Summer

It was a thin response to this current batch of 'signatures' (I use that term loosely). Only two people managed a guess. One went o'fer and the other got one out of three (and he put the wrong name to the autograph).

By judges ruling, 'TheForce' gets the victory. Congrats?

Cam Fowler

What can I say. This is the best of the three. Yikes!

Chris Stewart

Terrible stuff. He's one who has had his signature go down the tubes over the years (not to say it was awesome in the first place). But this looks like there is zero effort and zero care towards his name.

Curtis Brown

That's right......Curtis Brown! How you get that from 'IAN' is beyond me.


They should ban him from having signature cards in any product. Or better yet, do a set called 'crappy-graphs'.

That's the only place this auto belongs.


  1. I thought Cam Fowler was Curtis Joseph at first. The IAN one was really stupid if you ask me. Maybe that's why he didn't have much of a career in the NHL.

  2. Wow... for the IAN graph he doesnt even have an a in his name...