Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In a nutshell.....the single worst aspect of this hobby is having to listen to people constantly complain about this, that and the other thing.

I'd love to end my post there, but I'm going to 'dip into that world' for a moment.

I have been biting my tongue for a few months when it comes to this subject. Mainly because I would rather not subject myself to the unproductive and destructive aspect of 'negative energy'.

But I am going to comment on what I'm seeing as an increase in this unfortunate attitude. I hope it's just the 'uneventful summer' contributing to this trend.

I participate in the local card shows regularly, I head off to card stores once in a while and I peruse and post on a few hobby boards and blogs...pretty much daily. For the most part, the conversations and topics are interesting, informative and (most importantly) fun.

But I have never heard so many negative comments coming from select 'hobbyists' as I have over this past summer. It actually makes me question who I give my time to.

People don't like this person or that....then don't deal with them. Period. The second you work a deal with that person again, you are giving them the okay to do what you don't like.

People don't like this product or that (it's too expensive, it's too cheap, it's got nothing 'good' in it)....then don't buy it. If I want to drop coin on it, that's my problem.

People don't like this company or that....keep your wallet in your pants then. The second you buy from them, you are supporting them.

People don't like the way a hobby board is run....then don't participate. Avoid it! Pretty simple, eh?

People don't like certain 'rules'....well, if you want to hang out in certain clubhouses, you'll have to follow those 'rules'. If you don't like them - start your own clubhouse. Oh wait, that's too much effort, right?

What really gets me is that there are a lot of people who are ready to publicly rip into a company or product so lightning quick.

One of the biggest downsides to the 'world wide web' is that information is instantaneous. I don't know how many times I have seen products released and within minutes, people are shooting it down and ready to hang the designer. Thanks for letting me enjoy my first pack eh?

If I have a bad experience somewhere or if I buy a defective product, I either chalk it up to experience or I try to work with the company to rectify the situation. I don't take a full page ad out in the newspaper to express my two cents.

If I continue to have a bad experience at that place.....who's partially to blame?

That's right - look in the mirror.

I guess what bothers me the most is that the few people who really have their panties in a knot are often those to scream loudest...overshadowing everyone else.

Stop beating your chest behind your almighty keyboard and act. Be proactive in the solution rather than dictate, dictate, dictate.

There's a big difference between constructive opinion and useless whining. that out of my system. I'm ready for hockey season to start.


  1. Valid points, but are people criticizing or offering commentary. If it's nothing more than "so-and-so stink," there's little value. If they're simply commenting, as in "this could be better if ...," then value has been added.

    What you've done here is provide commentary, and I have no problem with that.

    I'm not sure, though, that any of us will be able to convince people who merely criticize to change their ways. It's in their genes.

  2. Well said.

    I yearn for the times I hear "This could be better...". Rarely do I hear that.

    I think there are those out there that expect a lot (all the time) for a little.

    I have always appreciated your comments Puckhound. Great insight, strong opinion and constructive discussion.

    That's what I enjoy about this hobby.

  3. I agree with you, but you can't always be hunky-dory about everything. Even though I try to look on the brighter side, something I just don't like. Although that's my fault for buying it do fall into the trap of complaining a bit. But I do see your point, and a few people came to mind...

  4. Very good post, I've seen a lot of what you are talking about as well. It's actually crept into a couple of my posts as well. Valid points though, collectors have choices if they prefer not to collect a certain product, or they can voice their opinions straight to the card companies if they have a solid enough opinion. No sense doing something if it isn't fun!!

  5. I complain and criticize all the time. I also critique, evaluate, give opinions, and offer ways to change things that bother me too. I agree that there are some people that are only out for negative press, sometimes warranted, but mostly ill directed. But at the same time, I think that is one of the best things about the blogging side of the hobby. Bloggers are at all ends of the spectrum and those of us that tend to float around in the middle fly under the radar and rarely get noticed. I think it's these extreme outliers that get all the attention and sometimes cause the rest of us to question their real motives.

  6. Great comments guys (especially you AveueDave....very insightful).

    I think any subject of complaint can be expressed with constructiveness. It's more the constant complaining that gets to me.

    In fact, I enjoy a good solid debate. Sadly, those have become more rare these days.