Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BOX BREAKS: 2011/12 Ultimate Memorabilia

Well, last night it was the Linden haul. Tonight, I show off my box (and a bit) break of UM11.

I pre-ordered a box (5 packs) before going to the Expo so it would be nice and toasty warm when I got there.

While I've opened a pack or two of the high end stuff, I've never bought a box. It was pretty cool (and I could see how it would get addictive).

The last day of the expo, I was very comfortably under my spending budget so I thought I'd give the product another chance by opening a couple more packs (hence, the seven packs).

Here are the goods.

2011/12 In The Game
Ultimate Memorabilia 11

There are three slabbed card to a pack. In it you'll normally receive a base card and a couple of memorabilia cards. Pretty simple.

These are the silver base cards numbered to either 62 or 63 depending on the player.

I ended up with the following guys...

Roberto Luongo /63
Theoren Fleury /63
Tony Esposito /63
Doug Harvey /62
Glenn Hall /62

Not bad, but not great either. In a couple months, these will turn into the 'throwaway cards' of the set. I don't know why, I think that it would be a cool set to build.

Some of the sketches are a little rough, but I like the concept. I wish they were in color though.

Here's the Doug Harvey. A nice mix of the current guys and the oldtimers. Something I like about the ITG products.

There are also gold parallels of the base cards numbered /9. I managed two of them. This Jari Kurri /9...

and Ray Bourque /9. Or.....a pair of scrubs. :)

Ultimate Future Star Autograph Silver
Griffin Reinhart /30

Now that we are done with the base cards, we can move on to the goodies.

This Future Star autograph doesn't really do it for me. I'm not a big fan of the junior guys other than in Heroes and Prospects.

And I think we have another graduate of the scribble school.

Ultimate Future Star Autograph Silver
Colton Gillies /30

Second verse....same as the first.

I'm sure some of you enjoy these cards, and I can appreciate that. That's what makes UM11 a great product. It's more of a 'pick and choose what you want' and leave the rest behind.

So I'll leave these behind.

Goalie Generations Silver
Patrick Roy/Mike Vernon/Tom Barrasso /24

Now we're cookin' with gas. This is an interesting selection of players. Gotta love the Montreal version of Roy. Mikey's gotta put his lid on though.

And boys and girls, always read your card backs. Do you know what common stat these three share?

They all played 19 years in the league. Now you know.

Ultimate Autograph Silver
Mikko Koivu /19

I like the simpler design of this card. Really sharp. And the way that ITG uses the recessed insert for the auto rather than the sticker totally works for me.

It's done with purpose and feels like the player actually signed the card. Only when the auto tucks underneath (as it does with this one) do I lose the effect.

Still, I like it. I just didn't want it to be Koivu. Linden.....yes.

Ultimate Legend Autograph Silver
Scott Niedermayer /9

Seems like the ol' farts don't sign as many cards. Works for me.

Another nice vertical design. The photo is a little fuzzy, but still passable. The hint of red in the design really finishes it off nice.

A solid pull from the product.

All-Stars Silver
Dominik Hasek /24

I can see this being a highly under-appreciated card. But think about it, it's got pieces from four different All-Star games (1997, 1999, 2001, 2002). You don't see that everyday.

And a pair of two-color pieces....very nice.

Ultimate Auto/Stick and Jersey Silver
Nicklas Lidstrom /9

Plain and simple - one nice card.

Symmetrical. I'm a sucker for that. Just another nice looking card with a hint of red to make everything pop.

And it's Lidstrom....../9. Awesome.

Dynamic Duos Silver
Mark Messier/Brian Leetch /24

Hoo-boy. I had to get this pair didn't I. And to kick a Canucks fan when he's down, I know that there's a Linden/Bure dual from this same subset.


I'm holding out hope for a simple swap.

600th Goal Combo Silver
Mike Gartner/Chris Terreri /24

Now this is an interesting concept. How often will you see this duo on a card?

Makes me think of all the weird combos you could come up with.

600th Goal Combo Silver
Wayne Gretzky/Greg Stefan /24

Like this one. And yes, woo-hoo.....a two-color Stefan jersey piece. I'm so lucky.

Still, it works for me. If they can do a full representation of the 600 goal club though....now that would be impressive.

Oh yeah, that's right - they did!

Now on a couple of the pieces, there's two jersey swatches from just the player (eg. Joe Sakic), anyone care to guess why?

Ultimate Autograph Gold
Ilya Kovalchuk 1/1

Out of the seven packs I opened, I pulled two 1/1 cards. Pretty good odds. This is the gold version of the auto card. Again, it's eye-catching. Great design and colors (rich and not overpowering).

Now I just need to find a Kovalchuk collector.

Goalie Generations Gold
Jacques Plante/Harry Lumley/Terry Sawchuk 1/1

This was the number one card from my box break. It's a gorgeous triple memorabilia piece. Two two-color jersey pieces and some vintage pad on the Sawchuk. This card looks sweet in person.

I'm really hoping to parlay this one into some Linden goodness.

Now, those were all the cards that came out of the packs......but my show and tell isn't quite done.

You see, when you purchased a pack of UM11 and opened it at the In The Game Land booth they had set up at the show, you would receive a redemption card - FREE.

Free is good last time I checked.

By the way, they are all quad jersey cards (you'll see what I mean). It's all awesome.

In total, I received seven expo redemption cards. Here they are.

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Winnipeg Jets (Chris Mason/Bryan Little/Ben Maxwell/Andrew Ladd)

J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Jets!

And it's not my favorite card.

Did you notice....these cards are numbered /25! And there were some gold versions /5 in the mix as well. Crazy.

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Dallas Stars (Brett Hull/Mike Modano/Joe Nieuwendyk/Brendan Morrow)

Another great group of guys. Cool to see them all on one card.

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Los Angeles Kings (Dave Taylor/Charlie Simmer/Bernie Nicholls/Marcel Dionne)

That's right, not all of them have just current players. Vintage stuff rocks. And LA Kings purple and yellow lead the way (next to the Canucks.......well, all the Canucks).

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Vancouver Canucks (Harold Snepsts/Tiger Williams/Richard Brodeur/Tony Tanti)

Speaking of....here's a nice looking card that brings back good memories. Although I would have loved Garth Butcher over Tony Tanti (no offence).

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Buffalo Sabres (Danny Gare/Rick Martin/Gilbert Perreault/Roger Crozier)

More oldies but goodies. Gotta love Gare's lid. I miss the 'Lanny' helmet.

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Toronto Maple Leafs (Bob Baun/Dave Keon/Tim Horton/Terry Sawchuk)


Even you Leaf-haters gotta give this card some props. It is one great looking group.

And for the last card, I received this group of scrubs...

Fall Expo Redemption Silver /25
Team Canada (Mario Lemieux/Steve Yzerman/Joe Sakic/Scott Niedermayer)

Wow........just wow.

Well, that's all of them. My 2011/12 Ultimate Memorabilia break. Hard not to give this product two thumbs up. Some great concepts, designs and player groupings. A couple of 'meh' cards for me, but hey, you can't win them all.

Thanks to the guys at the ITG booth as well for their enthusiasm and help for this rookie box breaker. I may be hooked.


  1. The goalie 1/1 is awesome...but I love the Stars expo redemption card. Excellent!

  2. Somebody cleaned up....congrats! Love the Nieds and Lidstrom autos.

  3. Love the product but sadly it's too rich for my blood at the moment.

    Love all the cards but my fans are actually the redemptions (Canucks and yes even the Leafs)

    Awesome stuff bud!