Friday, January 20, 2012

PACK WARS: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Pack wars. It's an opportunity to snag a lot of cards for a little cash. There's just one small catch - you have to win.


I like participating in a few rounds of pack wars at the monthly trade night and last week I was in the mix for some 2011/12 Upper Deck Series 1 and Black Diamond as well as a couple goes of 2010/11 ITG Between The Pipes.

And this time around, lady luck was with me. Well......most of the time.

I'll start with the Between The Pipes. There were about 6 or 7 people participating and the winner just needed to have a card in their pack with the shortest last name.

Olivier Roy.....thank you very much.

2010/11 ITG
Between The Pipes
Game Used Jersey Gold
#M-03 Calvin Pickard (limited to 10 copies)

While I was hoping for some of the Masked Men III inserts, I was pretty happy to land the big hit of the box.

This jersey piece has a real thick bulging seam in it. Almost patch-like. Which is what one would expect with the gold versions of these cards.

I don't know much about Pickard (I think he has a brother, Chet) but I now own a piece of his Subway Super Series jersey.


Now I was also very much in the running when it came to the Upper Deck Series 1 breaks. I ended winning one round and my big hit was a Matt Frattin Young Guns card. He's no Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, but still not a terrible card.

Speaking of RNH, this takes us to our 'you lose some' segment.

It was the last round of 2010/11 Black Diamond and all I needed was a card depicting the player with the highest career plus/minus. Halfway through my cards I notice some shlub named Gretzky.

Winner, winner, chicke.......

Not so fast.

"Bobby Orr!" someone shouts out.

Wouldn't you know it. The one, single card that would trump mine. And to make matters worse....... you guessed it....... part of the winnings included a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins rookie card.

Ouch. So close.

In the end though, pack wars was a lot of fun, and that's what it's all about.


  1. Career +/- Leaders

    5. Bobby Clarke +506
    4. Wayne Gretzky +518
    3. Ray Bourque +528
    2. Bobby Orr +597
    1. Larry Robinson +730

    Montreal Canadiens For The Win!

  2. Yeah but is Big Bird even in the product?

    You just HAD to throw that stat out there didn't you.