Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WHO AM I? - One Of A Kind (Times Three)

Have you ever come across a signature that makes you stop and think "I have never seen anything like this before"? And I don't just mean a rare multi-player card or uber-tough-to-find auto.

I'm talking about the type of scribes that are so unique, so memorable, so one-of-a-kind that it almost transcends the signature card itself.

Here are three such examples.

While you might not know the player linked to the signature, these autographs will undoubtedly ingrain themselves in your brain from here on out.

Prepare to always know who these three sigs belong to.

The only thing connecting these autographs....they are truly one-of-a-kind.


  1. First one is Marian Hossa. Third one is Chris Mason. No clue on the second one...

  2. Hmm... I know the top and bottom, Marian Hossa and Chris Mason, but the middle... it looks like Chinese writing with a two at the end! Dont have a clue on the last one...


  3. lucky for me i met two of the three people and got their autographs. As they were signing them i was thinking "what the hell?" The first one is Marian Hossa and the last one is Chris Mason

  4. Okay

    Hopefully spoiler free - sort of....

    #1 I like his signature even tho' many people don't like it. I do have a jersey signed by him and I appreciate the uniqueness of his autograph.

    #2 is obvious (I think) because I remember when it came out with 2 versions (if it who I think it is)

    #3 I had to cheat on that one - really? how does *that* name get *that* sig. I REALLY thought it was another player who if he had that sig, it would make more sense.

  5. I have to leave a comment just to say I have NO CLUE!

  6. Marian Hossa, Yutaka Fukufuji & Chris Mason. :o) I had to do some research to find the last one though!

  7. Brett's correct, I wasn't sure if they got posted, so I tried to stay away from naming names - but Mason's signature is very odd.

    I saw the R & D (or what appears to be R&D) in the autograph, and the #50 and just assumed it was a different St. Louis Blues ex-goalie Reinhard Divis.