Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RAISE THE CUP - I've Been Eyballin' These

If there was ever a wantlist for my 'Raise The Cup' project, these three cards would be front and center.

I've seen them in display cases and on dealer's tables, but didn't pick them up earlier because I felt the price was just too high to pull the trigger.

All I can say is that my patience (yeah..... that's what I'll call it) paid off.

2009/10 Upper Deck
Biography Of A Season
#BOS1 - Sidney Crosby

This card was a gift from Brian (Captain Canuck) who has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions - and it's very much appreciated.

A note to all of you - reciprocate good gestures. Eventually you will lose track of 'who owes who' and then it just becomes more fun.

Cheers Brian!

It's weird to think that it has been almost 3 years since Sid has raised the Cup. And what a gorgeous photo. Exactly what this project is all about.

While I'm not a Penguins fan, I hope Crosby has a chance to hoist the trophy again in the future.

His card says he was the "youngest captain of a Stanley Cup winner". He might hold that distinction for a long time.

2010/11 Upper Deck
Hockey Heroes
#HH-YZ - Steve Yzerman

This card was a definite eye-catcher in the display cases. Awesome artwork. I've probably seen 10-12 copies of it without even trying to find one. But they all had $10 price tags on them.

Just a little on the high side for me to pull the trigger (especially when they aren't that rare).

Well, a simple trade has put a quick end to the 'search'. Now the card can finally fill that spot in my collection.

His card says he "served as team captain for 18 years...making him the longest-serving continuous captain in the history of any North American professional sports league". Another untouchable? Maybe.

2011 National Hockey Card Day
#HCD-JT Jonathan Toews

This card has been another nemesis of mine for quite some time.

It's a fantastic shot of Jonathan. Look at his eyes...just like he's a schoolkid.

I've seen this card as well on dealer tables galore, but the $5 asking price was something I just couldn't do (considering that these cards were giveaways originally).

Well, it was a gift from Michael (over at Collecting For Kicks) who sent this beaut along with a few others as a thank you for some work I'm undertaking for him.

Cheers Michael!

Toews' card says he "tied a club record for playoff points with 29". Me thinks this will be the first record to go.

Well, that's three great additions to the binder (which is slowly forming into a nice page-flipper). This could go down as the most fun project I've got going.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this project (and all of my collections for that matter). It's very much appreciated.

Current Collection - 71 cards


  1. Glad to see you like them...I was just worried you might already have some of them! Thanks again for the favour this is the least I could do...expect more ;)

    1. Very much. While I already had the Linden cards, I've made it sort of a rule for myself that I would swap out the current card from the pc and replace it with the new one.

      So your Linden gifts are sitting in the collection too.


  2. crap... I just put that Toews card into my trade box to give to you thursday night... Now I'll have to come up with plan B.

    1. It's the thought that counts.

      Thanks for that.

  3. Ugh, the Crosby brings back bad memories of that Game 7. So close for the Wings...

    Oh well, the Yzerman makes up for it. Probably one of the greatest moments I've seen in my life as a Wings fan.