Thursday, March 29, 2012

OUTSIDE THE BOX - You Want The Best...You Got The Best

That's's the hottest band in the world.

And I bought a blaster box of their product last summer.

And it sat on my desk for months.

And now I'm finally getting around to sharing it.

Trust's not so hot.

'Kiss 360 Degrees' was produced by Press Pass and this set was released in 2009.  I was at the Farmer's Market last summer with my niece and thought it would be fun to buy a blaster box.  It was on sale.

And it still came off as a bad buy.

In the back of my mind, I thought I would have the longshot chance of pulling one of the Rock Star Relics (memorabilia) or Kissignatures (cut autograph).  Clearly I was delusional.

12 packs.  5 cards per pack.  Do the math....that's 60 cards.

So let's look at some of the 'goodies'.

Some of the cards do have nice photos while others seem to miss the mark a bit.  There's a mixture of on stage, behind the scenes and studio/portfolio shots.  I'm more of a behind the scenes kind of guy (and I'm definitely more of an original lineup fan).

Gene playing tuba......nice.

These Snapshot inserts are on a thicker see-through plastic card.  Nothing fantastic...unless you consider a stoned (or tremendously confused) Gene trying to figure out whose kid he's holding.

Pssssst......he's yours.

The Albums subset are not bad, but only if you pull the vintage albums.  Crazy Nights, Animalize and Asylum do not count as cool.

The one aspect of these cards that I do like is the flip side.

You can go old school and make a pair of 9 piece puzzles.

This classic pic of the band takes me back to my youth when the band was believe it or not.....scary.

Not like today where it literally is a circus.

Ooooooooooh.  Parallels.  I got a couple Blood Splatter parallels.  These are truly the high end pieces of cardboard.  I will be sure to put these into toploaders (or even one touch cases).  Sweet.

I especially love the Paul Stanley possessed pic.  I'm betting that's a premium priced card.

And I bet that's not mouthwash Ace.

Scab!  Scab!  Scab! 

Go back to you old job as Kiss video editor Tommy Thayer.

Probably the best photo in the box.  The Double Pistol (pew pew).

This is not cool.

If you're a fan of the band, this might appeal to you.  But I think Kiss 360 Degrees just doesn't offer enough bang for your buck.

Did I just do that?  Yes I did.  Thanks Paul.


  1. as someone who has all of the original, albums. *cough* all I can think to say is.... ouch. Maybe I'll go play with my Gene action figure or get a snack from my KISS nation lunchbox now.

  2. How dare you label 'Crazy Night' as uncool.
    Any song that starts with a big "Wooooooo!" is awesome!

    -Anonymous Paul-