Sunday, March 25, 2012

SCRIBBLES & SCRIBES - Prized Prospects

"Prized Prospects"? Plural? Possibly.

If you're talking about on-ice talent that is.

But when you're talking about signatures, there's only one in this pair that is worthy of the distinction.

It's never tough to find a scribble when it comes to the chicken scratches that are laid out by hockey players these days (especially the new crop of talent). The limit of posts for this subject comes from the lack of quality signatures to choose from when you're talking about today's fresh-faced NHLers.

But I search them out......and I'm determined to find them.

Lukas Kaspar

I chose Lukas' signature because it's a little different than most scribbles out there. This one has a sort of 'method to the madness' feeling to it. It certainly is a busy bunch of pen strokes.

I start to make something out of it (or at feel that I do) only to drift off and get lost in the maze of blue ink.

I gave up and deemed it a solid choice for this post.

Matt Carle

Matt (or should I say...Matthew) has a very legible signature. So much so that I would almost not categorize this as a signature. Rather, a printing of his mane.

I'd be curious as to how he just writes or prints on a regular basis. Filling out forms, doing paperwork, etc. I bet it's pretty similar.

That said, it's rare to find something as crisp, clean and purposeful as Carle's offering is.

Normally, a rookie to the league hasn't been inundated with requests or bombarded with card company contracts. Often, this means that a slower, more refined signature is prevalent. Remember Carey Price's drift into Scribbledom.

Happens often.

This Prized Prospects signature comes from Matt's rookie season. Now take a look at how it's deteriorated once he's been in the NHL limelight for a bit.

Thought so.

Thanks for solidifying my stance that most players today just don't have the time to give fans a solid, quality signature.

Looking forward to seeing what we'll get from you in the future.


  1. Matthew's was a scribble for me even in his rookie season. Why? Because it wasn't a signature, it was printing with his number next to it. That to me is the ultimate laziness.

    As for Kaspar's...I think it's kinda cool actually. Not a scribe per say, but definitely not anything to look down upon IMO...

    Some thought provoking sigs this time...

    1. It's weird. It's lazy, but it probably takes him twice the time to 'sign' his name as a result.

      While Kaspar's is done with purpose, it's just too all over the place for my liking.

      Thanks for your viewpoint though. I'm a thought provoking kinda guy.