Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where Did The Week Go?

I remember waking up Monday morning dreading the week at work (thinking it would be filled with bits and pieces of overtime).  Ended up the only overtime I'd be seeing was on tv.

It was a busy one, and that made it quick.  And this weekend has just flown by.  My list of things to do didn't get shorter unfortunately.

But it's been a day at home here Sunday with the games on and some work actually getting accomplished.  And with that work, a little bit of catching up with the Linden collection.  I received a few great items over the past week (some of which I will share later today).

I'm hoping things slow down a tad over the next couple weeks (both work-wise and when it comes to Linden pickups).  My wallet needs a little rest.

But just when I thought I could exhale, my breath was taken away by this stunner of a pic from Panini's website.

This is from Panini's new 'Elite' product boxed, ready to go and hitting the shelves soon.  Me likes.

I haven't seen this photo of Trev on a card ever.  And seeing him in his gorgeously ugly yellow jersey and helmet makes me just want more.  A great photo can drastically raise the desirability factor with me.

If only the auto was hard-signed instead of a sticker though.

I'm hoping his insertion into the product is minimal (hopefully a base, an insert and this auto) and the print runs aren't too ridiculous.

But seeing this beauty of a card makes me excited for another round of hunting.

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