Friday, June 29, 2012


Why is it that I am drawn to goalie photos?  It might be because they are a very unique player out on the ice with those bulky pads and killer masks.  It might be because they play a unique position flipping and flopping around as the last line of defence in stopping the puck.  Or it might be because they can be captured at a key point in the play or the game that (while it looks routine) creates an awe-inspiring moment in time.

This Jimmy Howard card would definitely have checks next to all those boxes and more.

2011/12 Upper Deck Series I
UD Canvas
#C34 Jimmy Howard

Before I drool over the photo, let me just say that the Canvas concept Upper Deck has introduced to its flagship product is a huge hit in my eyes.  A great insert set to build and the textured card just works with the constantly stunning photography this release brings.

What I love about the Howard is the framing.  Filling the card but finding the fine line that drifts into cramming.  You can easily see the eyes piercing from within Jimmy's mask as he stares down the puck into his outstretched glove.

I love that the puck is borderline "snow-coned" making the save even more impressive.  It looks as if Howard is reaching behind him in a last ditch effort to keep the piece of rubber out of his net.

If there's one thing I would have liked to have seen different, it would have been Jimmy's jersey.  I wish this shot was taken in Howard's reds.  The contrast of goalie and rink boards would have sent this over the top.

Can you guys take care of that for me this year Upper Deck?  Thanks.

ps.  another one to go in the "for 'so-and-so' box" if you're interested Paul


  1. Love the pic on this one. I wish I knew what game it was from and I could probably turn it into one of my "Captured on Cardboard" posts.

    I do have this one already though (actually two copies because I bought an extra by mistake), but having three copies can't hurt, right?

  2. I think Upper Deck listened; they're bringing back Canvas cards for 2012/13. Whether they give him the red uni, or not, is another story.