Sunday, July 29, 2012

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - It's A Show Of Shows

Part of my office clean involved scanning and storing some of my most recent Linden card pickups.  I've been saving this blog post until all of them came in (I wanted to show them all off at once).

Show cards have been a part of my collection for over 10 years now.  Back in the day base cards (and sometimes parallels) would be given a stamp depicting the show that the card was offered out at (normally numbered to 10 or 5).  These cards were a tough find initially as most people I don't think saw the value in them (to this day there are many who don't consider show cards a part of their player collections).

To me though, they hold an equal part in my quest.  In fact, I get pretty darn excited when I am able to track down an older show card that sits on my wantlist.

These days show cards still exist.  Often they are designed and created specifically with the intent of being released at the given show.  I really like the idea of unique pieces of cardboard to chase like this.

There are still the old fashioned "put a stamp on it" cards and I've been able to land quite a few.  In fact, it's been the bulk of my pickups for the past month.

11/12 In The Game Captain-C
#CJ-23 Complete Jersey Silver
2012 Spring Expo 1/1

Let's start with a big one.  I was thrilled to land this complete jersey as it goes with my regular silver version of the card.

The best part is that I got it for a fraction of the price as the regular issue.  And I've never understood that.  The jersey, emblem, number and fight strap included come from a legit Linden why isn't there the demand for this item like there is for the non-show card?

Simply because of the gold stamp indicating that it's a show card.

Makes no difference to me.  In fact, I love that this is a show card.  Two are better than one right?

11/12 In The Game Captain-C
#FC-28 Franchise Captains Silver & Gold
2012 Spring Expo 1/1's

Happy to snag both of these as well.  After landing the gold version I was contacted by another Linden collector who said he had the silver version.  He offered it up to me for the same price that he picked it up for.

They just belong together don't they?

11/12 In The Game Captain-C
#M-56 Jersey Silver & Gold
2012 Spring Expo 1/1's

Much like these cards belong together.  

I think both of these came from the same ebay seller (who seems to have a number of Linden show cards).  The bummer is that they don't list them all at the same time so I can combine the shipping.

One at a time.  But I can't complain too much.  I've been able to add these cards at very reasonable prices in my eyes.

11/12 In The Game Heroes & Prospects
#HM-10 Memorabilia Silver & Gold
2012 Spring Expo 1/1's

The last pairing comes from the Heroes & Prospects release (which is Trev's first foray into that product).  I really like the simple design of these cards.  I only wish they would have put more dynamic swatch pieces into the windows.

Anyways, that's seven show card 1/1's.  And I have no doubt that there are more sitting in trade boxes or on ebay lists to be auctioned off.

And I'll be ready.

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