Friday, August 10, 2012

UH-OH........Gorgeous Card Alert

There are times when my quest for new things Linden uncovers gems never before seen.  New innovations, the bar gets raised or never before seen treasures are unleashed.

I saw this beauty pop up on ebay yesterday and it has my brain spinning.

To most, it's nothing more than an ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11 Superbox card - just as it says.  Nothing fantastic right?  (I mean yes, the card is sweet, but what's so special about it)

Well, let me tell you.  This card is the very first of its kind.  Not just a door's a door crasher.

This little chunk of jersey is the culprit.  It signifies the first time ever that a non-Canucks jersey piece has been used for a Linden memorabilia card.

And knowing that ITG has a game-used Trevor Linden Montreal Canadiens jersey at its disposal for upcoming products - makes me excited and scared....all at the same time.

I think the 'lull' is officially over.


  1. Nice. Going to make a play for this one or exercise patience?

    1. Patience for now. It's just a little higher than I'd like to see it at.

      That said, it's the first of its kind. So who knows. I might get an itchy trigger finger.