Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - It Has Begun....But I Haven't

The first wave of Linden cards from The Cup surfaced over the past week and while some went for very reasonable (and somewhat surprising) prices, others are just plain ridiculous.

(says the guy who has paid some stupid amounts a couple times in the past)

The cool thing about seeing these cards pop up on hobby boards and ebay is that......well.....you get to actually see the cards.  Some of these are just not going to be a part of my collection, so finding them and at least getting a scan of them is better than nothing.

I thought I'd share a couple of the biggies with you.

This is a gorgeous "laundry tag" 1/1 card.  Hard signed and everything.  I really like the photo used and the design is not too bad (for The Cup...which I'm never really overly impressed with).

It showed it's face on ebay tonight and the bidding has been feverish.  I threw in a bid just for kicks (knowing it will go for a lot more).

Haven't decided if I will bid on it again.  I've got a bit of time to think it out.

Here's the preverbal 'King Of The Castle'.  And it's a redemption card.

If you can't read it, it says Dual Shield - autographed.  My guy and Ryan Kesler.  Wow!

I can only imagine how nice this card will be when it arrives in the mailbox.  Not my mailbox though.  It's listed on ebay for over three times what I'm willing to pay (and I thought I was willing to pay a lot).

I did contact the seller and he's looking for most of his asking price.  I told him good luck and I hope he gets it.

I don't know if any Linden collectors will be shelling out that much for literally a piece of cardboard though.  Maybe there's a Kesler collector that's over the moon right now.

If it was the actual card and not a redemption, I might be slightly more inclined to go for it.  But we'd still be way off in prices.

I didn't think I had a shot at it anyways.  It's just fun to see it hit the open market and people (like me) go crazy about it.

For the record, that's two of the three 1/1 cards (not including press plates).  Geez.  That was quick.

Oh.......The Cup.  Will it ever end?


  1. I found the same card for Jimmy Howard (the laundry tag) on eBay the other day listed BIN for $1000. Just a little out of my price range.

    They're cool cards, but I couldn't justify spending that much on a piece of cardboard...

  2. I am watching the laundry tag one, just curious what the final price will be on it!

  3. Wow! Nice card, but way out of my price range. Makes me wonder how much a Gretzky or Lemieux would go for.

    I recently started a card blog, and you were among one of my inspirations(4 to be exact, and all 4 of you are on my blogroll) to start it up. Any chance you could help spread the word?


  4. Since you have an obvious talent for custom cards, have you considered making duplicates of the Linden cards you know will never make it into your collection?

    1. It's interesting you say that. I have thought about making 'decoy' filler cards for the 1/1's I know are in other people's collections.

      Of course I would actually have to create them....that's another job in itself.