Thursday, October 18, 2012

1 vs. 100 - Titanium Trade

Yesterday was the monthly trader night at the local card store.  I was especially interested in this trip as not one, not two but three new products were out housing some Linden cards.

Sadly, no Lindens were pulled during the night's festivities (but that doesn't mean I came away empty-handed).  In fact, I made a big trade for a tough card on my list.  Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I'll show off a great pickup for a project that has seen not too much love this year (it's gets tougher when you get down to the final few).

Again, it was another big trade that brought this card home.

2011/12 Panini Titanium
#134 David McIntyre  /34

This is another one of those highly sought after rookie cards from Titanium.  They are a couple different versions - those that are numbered out of their draft position and those out of their jersey number.  You can see which one I got.

These cards are a hot item on the market.  The guy who had this one also had a Sean Couturier /14.  I knew that would command a bit....but I didn't expect THIS MUCH.  I'm building a fun little project here.  A mortgage payment sized card is not what I had in mind.

So I passed on that one and went with this McIntyre.  With a little luck (and I guess a bit of pursuit) I'll be able to put this project to bed in 2013.

87 out of 100  (87%)

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  1. Wow... you're on the final leg of your journey. Best of luck!