Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BEHIND THE MASKS - More To Scratch Off The List...If I Had One

It's been a very slow go when it comes to picking up cards for my Masked Men 4 project.  I haven't been super motivated I think because of all the Linden cards out there.  I tend to go for those first and then goalie mask stuff later.

But when there's a chance to trade, that's when I shift things into gear.

Now I must admit, I saw these cards at last month's local card show....but I didn't bring my list with me.  In fact - I've yet to draw up a wantlist for this set at all.

Lazy me....I just bring all the cards I have and that way I know what I need.  Simple right?

Yeah, right.
2011/12 In The Game Between The Pipes
Masked Men 4

I love the profile look on the Jimmy Howard card and would have loved the "Darth Gerber" if it was a little more head on.

The Bernier made me realize that the chin area of the mask should be in front of the Masked Men title along the bottom.  After all, isn't the mask the most important thing?

But this gives me over half the cards in the 50-card set.  I think it's time to build that wantlist.

But that's not all the masked goodies to show.

2011/12 In The Game Between The Pipes
Masked Men Memorabilia
#MMM-47 Cam Ward

I haven't seen too many of these pop up.  So when I saw it in a $5 box at the show today, I scooped it up.  (note:  I wrote this on Saturday....there was not a card show on Tuesday.  Muh bad!)  It wasn't until I got home that I found out there are only 10 copies of these out there.


But why the white jersey?  You'd think that a card of only 10 copies would garner something a little more exciting.

But I guess if that happened, it wouldn't have been in the $5 bin.


  1. at the show today???? what show today? where? when? who?

    1. Whoops. I wrote this on Saturday.