Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Another One That Isn't Mine.....Yet

The last Linden pickup of mine was all the way back on August 25. I can't honestly remember a time when I have gone longer than a month without picking up a card for my player collection.  And while he's prevalent in Upper Deck's The Cup, I have yet to really dive into those singles.

I do have one card on the way - but until it's in hand - it doesn't count.

With all the high-end card products being released over the past few weeks, today's realization came as a surprise to me.  And I'm still determining if it's a good surprise or a nasty nightmare.

Upper Deck, who for years pretty much avoided the name Linden in their products, has placed him in yet another release.  Artifacts.

Or as I like to call it - Parallel Hell.

Here's a look at the base card.  This one will most definitely be mine - I know I can afford it.  Time will tell which of the other 10 billion cards in the product will make their way to me.

Here's a breakdown of what's being added to the wantlist...

Emerald parallel  /99
Sapphire parallel  /85
Spectrum parallel  /25
Black parallel /5  (and it's auto'd)

Silver Dual Jersey  /125
Emerald Jersey/Patch  /75
Spectrum Dual Patch  /15
Black Patch/Tag  /5

Silver Auto Dual Jersey  /12  (why 12?  who knows)
Emerald Auto Jersey/Patch  /8 (again.....why?)
Spectrum Auto Dual Patch  /3 (hoo-boy)
Black Auto Patch/Tag  /1 (and there it is)

Well, I guess 13 cards isn't too bad (when you're comparing it to The Cup).  Hopefully the price point on some of these cards won't be as crazy as I've seen over the past week.

I guess in some ways it is a new hockey season - whether I want it or not.

And who's kidding who......I want it.


  1. Seems like you could just make a hobby out of keeping track of what Linden cards are out there, let alone collecting them!

    1. True. Not nearly as much fun though.

      My wallet seems to like the idea a lot though.