Friday, October 5, 2012

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Finally...Something For Me!

Yesterday was a drought-ending day for my Linden collection.  I added two new cards to the pc.  FINALLY!

One came through the mail (and I was very excited to see it) while the other came from a box break at a local card shop's trade night.

Normally, every third Wednesday of the month I head out to a card shop on the other side of the city.  It gives me a chance to get out and enjoy the hobby in an evening of pizza, drinks, pack wars and just overall good sportscard talk.

But there is a second shop that has monthly trade nights.  My work schedule has not been overly accommodating with me getting out to those ones, but yesterday I managed to tear myself away for a few hours of fun.

And with Upper Deck's newest release - Artifacts hitting the shelves a couple days earlier (and my guy landing some slots in the checklist), I fugured I'd try my hand at a box of the product.

I'll post the stunning box break soon.

But in the meantime, I'll give you a sneak peek at the "hit" of the box...

2012/13 Artifacts
#93 (base)

That's right.  I pulled this beauty myself.  I knew I would....because the chances of me hitting one of the low-numbered parallels was astronomical.

It's not too shabby a card but lacks a bit in design.  I'm partial to some of the previous releases put out by Upper Deck.  But a Linden is a Linden....right?

And now on to my first ever Upper Deck The Cup card - ever.  He's only been in the product one other time before this year (a dual shield with Robert Luongo) so I was anticipating this card's arrival in the mail.

2011/12 The Cup
#CE-TL (auto)  /50

The scan does not do this card any justice.  It's a nice hard-signed auto with plenty of space to sign.  A black & white photo is against one heck of a shiny backdrop - and I mean shiny.  And is this card ever thick.  Why?  Who knows.  But I don't care, I now have a Cup card in my collection.

I was pretty happy with this pickup.  I let the first few pass by (going for $70...$60) and waited until the price dropped to under $40.  Will there be cheaper ones that go after this?  Probably.  But I got mine for a price I was willing to pay.

And I'm happy I did.

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