Friday, October 12, 2012


Just yesterday I heard of a fellow collector's unfortunate situation he found himself in - his house was broken into.  Some of his collection (which he built over a long period of time) was taken.  Of course, the violation of having someone force their way into your home - your sanctuary - I can imagine would be a very troubling and terrifying time.  While there is definitely some damage done in an event like this, I am thankful that nobody was physically harmed.

I would like to post some photos of some of the unique cards that were taken on the off-chance that one of you come across them in your travels (be it on ebay, kijiji, craigslist or at your local show).  Hopefully the collection will be discovered and returned back to its rightful owner.

The cards were taken from a home in San Jose, California on October 10th.

Here is one of a number of Bobby Orr cards.  Dozens of them were taken.  Here is a link to some of the other Orr cards.

 Some rare Jonathan Cheechoo cards.

 Gretzky, Howe.  Some incredible pieces.

 A Michael Jordan auto.

 You don't see these everyday.  A Jacques Plante cut auto.

 A Maurice Richard hard signed auto.

Some others as well.  Again, they are all unique.  Serial numbered so that there's no mistake who they rightfully belong to.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these cards, please let me know.  I will forward the information to the owner of these items (or put you in contact with the person).

Thanks for your time.


  1. Damn, that really sucks for the person. Those are REALLY NICE cards. Super valuable and hopefully the person gets them back though I love that Plant auto. I am luky that any high value cards of mine like my Patrick Roy jersey cards are in the bank so NO ONE will steal them there.

  2. That's insane. I'm in SJ and will definitely keep my eyes peeled. Headed to my local card shop tomorrow. I'll let them know that they should be on the lookout for these cards.