Friday, October 26, 2012

RATE MY MASK - Felix Potvin

It's been a while since I've done up one of these custom jobs, but I came across a Felix Potvin card at a show recently and it made me think about his mask.

I remember at the time I really liked it.  It had a unique look to it with a lot of clean lines and a unique look.

Sure, there was the famous Cujo mask Curtis Joseph would sport, but I think Potvin's lid was unique unto itself.

Let's take a look at it and you can make the call.

Felix broke into the NHL in 1992 and once he got rid of that nasty Chris Osgood helmet, he became a lock as the starter for the Leafs.

Sporting some strong seasons early in his career, he even led the Leafs into uncharted territory by going deep in the playoffs (for reals).

But to me, Potvin will forever be linked with his mask.  Immediately identifiable, this bold 3-color look blends the feeling of his nickname - The Cat - and the creative look that is more than just a simple design.

I really like the symmetry the mask possesses....something that is lacking in a lot of goalie lids these days.  They can get a little too detailed.  This is something that you can appreciate from both up close and afar.

Normally, we don't get a chance to really appreciate what the top of a mask looks like.  In this instance, it almost looks menacing.

And again, it's just 3 solid colors.  Nothing fancy - nothing complex.

Not many tenders today would dare go with something like this.

I tried to find some info on the design of Potvin's mask, but couldn't.  I'd love to know what Greg Harrison was thinking when he came up with tis look.

It definitely will go down as one of the most memorable masks of the 90's.
The backplate.  How cool are these.  A nice little take on his name "Felix" and his nickname simply written along the bottom.

The back of Potvin's mask really completes the look in my opinion.
Now this mask in particular was from 1996 as is seen in the signature on the inside.  I've always wondered how many they go through in a season?  In a career?  Some great history going on here.

Speaking of his career, Potvin carried this look throughout it.  Stops with the Islanders, Canucks, Kings and Bruins all showed the same design but just with a different color scheme.

3.5 out of 5

Now it's your turn to Rate My Mask.

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  1. yeah, I'll go 3.5 /5 Too true about todays paint being waaaaay too complex.

    I know Carey Price goes through 5-6 different masks a year now... mostly because of the charity work he does. He is always wearing and donating masks to be auctioned off.
    Now that's very cool.... but frustrating at the same time. hard to identify him with one mask or one look.