Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I work had to earn money to pay for the hockey card I decide to buy.  Especially when those cards are Trevor Linden cards.

So it bugs the crap out of me when I receive a card in the mail that is damaged.  Especially when I feel that the damage was avoidable.

Recently, I purchased a very rare Trevor Linden card from this year's Superlative release.  How rare?  How 'bout a gold 1/1.

Yup.  That's right.  A damaged 1/1.

This story does not get better.

Here's the way the envelope looked BEFORE I opened it up.  Thanks UPS.

What boggled my mind was that a single card was packed up and sent in an envelope big enough for a beefy legal-sized document.  Why?  I don't know.  I haven't heard back from the seller yet.

But I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.  Right?

I'm convinced that this oversized envelope was part of the reason why the card arrived damaged.

The other being that there was no protection - NONE - added to the card.  Just the toploader and card.

And of course the seal on this Superlative card had to be broken, leaving the card susceptible to coming out of the plastic holder (which of course part of it was).

It just gets better and better.

You just can't have too many creases can you?

So on top of the $215 I paid for the card, the $15 to the seller for shipping, the $52 for the UPS brokerage fee.....I'm left with this.


The one thing I did do is take the card with me.  I could have refused the package and it would have been returned to the seller, but I knew that if I did that, the card would be gone forever.  Probably just end up in the trash.

In my delusional mind I'm hoping that magically this card can be fixed.

But before that, it's clobberin' time.  I can assure you all that I will not be the one holding the wet towel on this one.

I am really hoping that the seller chooses to work WITH me rather than put up some sort of fuss.  Right now, I'd just like to hear his side of the story.

And an offer to refund my money would be appreciated as well.

The brokerage I paid to UPS, well that will be determined after.  I was told that I should be able to get that back too since the fee is based on the value of the card.

And right now....it ain't what it was when I bought it.  That's for darn sure.

What was supposed to be an amazing Linden Card Of The Year post (I have 5 to show off) has now left me a little sour.

Hopefully by the end of the year I'll feel like doing up a proper post of the top cards that arrived sans damage.

Sadly, this card will not be a part of it.


  1. It's a sick card no doubt but that really sucks being a 1/1 it can't really be replaceable. Maybe get some of your money back for it since you sure paid a lot for it. Though you could try contacting "In the Game" and maybe see what they can do about it though probably the seller ruined it because it would of been perfect if it was left in the original casing.

  2. Kind of echoing what Kevin said; maybe contact ITG and see what they can do for you. Dr. Price values his customers and collectors and I have to think he, or his company, could offer you some sort of solution.

    As for the seller, I don't know how accountable s/he can be; I mean, they had the card in a toploader in a padded envelope, so technically they packaged it correctly, although a piece of tape on the toploader probably would have helped matters. Not sure what the giant envelope was about but hopefully they can provide an answer for you.

    And most of all, I hope they work WITH you and not fight you tooth and nail.

    I actually felt a little sick reading this post :(

  3. For a $225 card and $15 S/H, I'd expect better packaging. Toploader should have been sealed, even if it was with tape or in a team bag. Even if the seal was intact when shipped, for that big of a sale, you'd expect a bit more care in the packaging.

  4. Damn... sorry for your loss. I hope things are resolved in a fair and just manner... especially since it's a one of a kind and obviously the seller is at fault. :-(