Sunday, February 10, 2013


It was a very busy last few days when it comes to the ol' hockey card collection.  There was a trade night last Thursday and a local card show on Saturday.  Yesterday was also Canada's National Hockey Card Day which meant a free pack of cards (actually 2....I went to two different stores).

I've been busy scanning in a bunch of items to show off so look out over the next week.  There will be a plethora of posts.

I'm keeping this first post relatively simple (because it's 2:30 in the morning) but it still packs a pretty good punch.

I like P words.

For some of you readers who have been with me from the start, you may remember an early 'Cardboard Photography' card of Ed Belfour doing some pre-game stretching in his crease.

The camera angle and unique stare into the camera made it a must for the side project.

In this year's Upper Deck Series I, I saw a card that instantly reminded me of that past piece of cardboard.

2012/13 Upper Deck Series I
UD Canvas
#C80 Cory Schneider

When I first saw this card I thought it was upside down.  Upon second glance it was evident that Cory was also partaking in his pregame postures.

I'm not sure if Schneider is in deep focus or what but it looks as if he's gazing right into the photographer's lens.

I love the unique angle on Cory's mask and the one of a kind perspective on Schneider in general.  I wonder where the camera guy was positioned in order to get a shot like that?  Would he be on in the rafters with a long lens?  Would he have a camera mounted in the net somehow?  Heck, the lack of....well....everything else makes this shot more of a mystery than anything.

I love the negative white space that surrounds Cory.  It forces you to focus on one thing and one thing only.

What looks like a simple shot was probably anything but.  Definitely worthy of a position in the personal project.


  1. Looks to me like the camera is at about a 45 degree angle (judging by the angle of the pads). I would assume the cameraman is just shooting from the bench while Cory was stretching? Just a guess.

    1. Of didn't even dawn on me that he could be anywhere but his goal crease. And the lack of blue crease makes it obvious.

      I'd say you're bang on.