Monday, February 11, 2013


Over the past few days I have been the fortunate recipient of some very kind gestures.  No less than four people offered up the gift of cards to me.  It's always fun to pick up cards but it's even more meaningful and rewarding when cards are offered to you with no expectation of reciprocation.

That said, I'm always a believer in "Do good things and good things happen".  I think I've done a decent job over the years to do my share of "paying it forward" or offering up gifts for no reason.  This recent string of cards coming my way has reinforced those ideals and I will be sure to pass along the kind gesture in the near future.

Now, on to some of the goods.

One person recently handed me a few cards for my "Raise The Cup" project.  There were so many that I'm going to give it its own post.  Just in case that person is looking at this post thinking "What gives?!"

This first card is an absolute stunner.  Freshly pulled from a recent box break at the local trade night.

2010/11 UD Parkhurst Champions
#55 Richard Brodeur autograph

Man...there is just too much that I love about this card.  The wicked yellow, black and orange of the 80's Canucks uniforms, the brown leather pads, the Cooper cage, the card design in general (even the green vignette effect around the edge works in spades) and of course the fantastic hard-signed autograph.

The guy who gave it to me knew I was a Linden fan, knew I liked the Canucks (especially the older stuff) and passed this piece along to me.

Just a flat out gorgeous card.  Thanks!

2012/13 ITG Superlative III
Game-Used Jersey
#GUJ-30 Silver Version (1 of 30)

To some this might just look like a plain white jersey piece, but numbered to just 30, this Linden Superlative card was a head snapper when it was shoved in front of my face with the simple statement of "Here you go".

Wow.  Pretty generous if you ask me.  This card came from the same guy that I purchased the Hull/Linden dual patch/auto card from The Cup last month.  He knew I was a Linden fan and came forward with a very generous gift.  Thanks!

2008/09 ITG Between The Pipes
Future Stars Goaliegraphs
#A-SV Simeon Varlamov

The last trio of card came from a contest that a member on the hobby board I subscribe to was holding.  It was a pretty simple contest.  Be the 37th person to post in his thread and name the person he collects.

He had been the recent recipient of some good fortune himself.  He won a contest on the same boards and decided to pass the generosity along.  Unfortunately, it took a while for people to post.  Bordering on frustrating because who doesn't want free stuff?

Finally, it got to the point where the 37th post was imminent.  People were typing up a quick blurb to keep the momentum going.  It hit post 37 and the next couple people were congratulating the person.  Unfortunately, he forgot the second part of the contest.

I posted a little sheepishly stating the answer to the contest question.  After a couple laughs from members the contest holder decided that two winners would be awarded.

This Varlamov was the first in the envelope.

2008/09 UD SP Game Used
Authentic Triple Fabrics
#3AF-RL Roberto Luongo

This nice triple jersey card of Roberto Luongo was a very nice addition and plays right into the Vancouver Canucks theme.

It took me forever to land the Linden from this set (and I think it's an SP) but I'm not sure how rare this Lui is.

2003/04 ITG Be A Player Memorabilia
Mask III Silver
#M-4 Roberto Luongo

Hey, this is going back a ways.  I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since this card was released.

I call the silver versions the "middle child".  The base versions are pursued by a lot of collectors as it's the most common released.  The gold version out of 10 is the rare pull and chased by a few who want to put the tough set together.

The silver versions are the ones that get tossed in the discount bins as they just don't garner the attention they rightfully deserve.  This set's silver version is numbered to 300 and makes for a challenging build.

The fact that it's another Luongo makes it even better.  What's funny is that I have one gold from the Mask III guessed it - Roberto.

Thanks very much for the great contest gifts.

And thanks to everybody who gave me some great cards over the past few days.  I really appreciate the generosity and it makes me proud of this hobby that I so enjoy.


  1. I've always admired that Brodeur AUTO, and that Luongo card has a nice variety of colours for sure. Congrats on all the kindness, you definitely deserve it!

  2. I collect Luongo, this triple jersey is beautiful!